SNL Cold Open: Christopher Walken Visits Biden

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Christopher Walken Visits Biden
Christopher Walken Visits Biden


Walken has delighted audiences for decades in various roles he’s taken on. From nail-biting scenes in Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter to playing an MIT nuclear physicist in Vendetta, Walken remains nothing less than extraordinary.

Scred and King Ploobis from The Land of Gorch hire Chevy Chase as their adviser in getting their sketch back onto television; Foo Fighters serve as musical guests.

Cold Open: Christopher Walken’sPapa Pumpkin? Visits Biden

Saturday Night Live finally returned after the writers’ strike last week and it wasn’t anything special; but now Season 49 kicks off in style – with Christopher Walken joining Mikey Day (praised by celebrities for his Joe Biden impression) to put viewers into the Halloween spirit.

Day was still excellent in his portrayal of President Clinton, while Walken provided much-needed gravitas by appearing as an unspooky ghost from Halloween past and reading from a classic poem that warned that they’ll “smell your feet” if the politician didn’t change his ways quickly enough.

Skits like this one combine humor with political commentary, continuing the show’s longstanding tradition of offering comedians an opportunity to make observations on current affairs. Now in its fourth decade on air, SNL remains a household name among both new audiences as well as longtime viewers who’ve watched since its debut in 1975.

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President Biden’s (Mikey Day) Oval Office Decorations

Saturday Night Live has long served as a springboard for rising actors. Most notably, its star actors have gone on to star in multiple big-budget feature films following their appearance on SNL; but SNL has also provided early exposure for many musical acts such as Elvis Costello, Nirvana, U2, Garth Brooks and Britney Spears.

Christopher Walken returned as Halloween past in this week’s Cold Open, appearing as President Joe Biden (Mikey Day). Christopher also made an appearance as Speaker Mike Johnson (featured player Michael Longfellow), along with an adult Black son named Michael who does not feature in Biden?s family photos but nonetheless bears his same name.

After surveying the decorations in Biden?s Oval Office, including a severed arm taken by Biden?s dog Commander from a Secret Service agent, Walken informs Biden he must recite a scary poem or else be forced to dance the blues? and successfully keeps his pants on as Walken recites his piece, concluding with a promise that he?ll return next year.

Along with his rendition of Blue Oyster Cult’s “(Don’t Fear) the Reaper,” Walken also played key roles on SNL sketches featuring romantic lead “The Continental,” mob consigliere Clifford Kincaid (also featured at Universal Studios Florida?s now-defunct Disaster! attraction), and mob boss characters Frank Kincaid. But perhaps most memorable was his portrayal as Mob boss with signature lines such as,?I got fever; only medicine for that is more cowbell.”

Biden’s (Mikey Day) Halloween Party

On Monday night, President Biden and wife Jill opened up Pennsylvania Avenue side of White House for trick-or-treaters to come trick or treat. This marked their first Halloween since 2016.

The couple then gave out candy, though children seemed more intrigued by a giant flamingo and monk than any presidential-themed treats. Christopher Walken surprised guests by making an unexpected appearance as Papa Pumpkin (Ghost of All Hallows Past). This unforgettable surprise appearance proved to be the real star of the evening!

Saturday Night Live has been an iconic cultural fixture since it first premiered 40 years ago, originally created and developed by Lorne Michaels and currently executive produced by Dick Ebersol. Notable guests include celebrities performing comedy sketches and news segments with an irreverent satirical edge as well as many musical guests performing popular numbers from around the globe – and an increasingly strong reputation for tapping into pop culture trends.

Saturday Night Live has long had roots in improvisational comedy, drawing heavily from both Chicago-based The Second City and its Toronto equivalent, The Groundlings; many members of its original cast hailed from these organizations including Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase and Jane Curtin; while its satirical bent can also be traced back to National Lampoon magazine and its radio hour in 1973-74; both provided essential inspiration.

Each week, celebrity guest hosts join an ensemble cast of regulars in performing sketches and musical numbers that poke fun at contemporary American politics and culture. Broadcast live from New York City, this show can also be found on three NBC stations (KHNL in Honolulu, KUAM in Guam and KTUU in Anchorage) as well as streaming service Peacock.

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