Fair Use Policy

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At Cinematic Verses, we are committed to ensuring that our content adheres to fair use principles and respects the intellectual property rights of others. This Fair Use Policy applies to our website, including our Privacy Policy, Contact Us page, and About Us page.

1. Copyrighted Material

We respect the copyrights of content creators and strive to use copyrighted material in a fair and lawful manner. Our use of copyrighted material is for purposes such as commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, and education, in accordance with applicable copyright laws.

2. Attribution

Whenever possible, we provide proper attribution to the original creators or copyright holders of the material we use. We believe in giving credit to content creators for their work.

3. Transformative Use

We aim to transform copyrighted material through our reviews, analyses, and discussions. Our goal is to provide unique insights and perspectives that go beyond the original content.

4. Non-Commercial Use (except for Ads)

While we primarily use copyrighted material for non-commercial purposes, please note that we may run advertisements on our website to support its operation. These ads are intended to cover the costs associated with maintaining and hosting our platform. Our use of copyrighted material for this purpose is still in line with fair use principles as it does not involve selling or directly profiting from the copyrighted content itself.

5. Public Domain and Licensed Material

We may use material from the public domain or content that is licensed under Creative Commons licenses or similar agreements. In such cases, we comply with the terms of those licenses.

6. Reporting Copyright Violations

If you believe that any of our content infringes upon your copyright or the copyright of someone you represent, please contact us immediately through our Contact Us page or via email at [email protected]. We will promptly investigate and take appropriate action to address any valid copyright concerns.

7. Changes to Fair Use Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Fair Use Policy at any time. Any changes will be reflected on our website and take immediate effect.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Fair Use Policy or any other aspect of our website, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page or via email at [email protected].

About Us

Our commitment to fair use, including the incorporation of advertisements on our website, is an integral part of who we are at Cinematic Verses. We believe in promoting respectful and lawful use of copyrighted material in our content while ensuring the sustainability of our platform through non-intrusive advertising.

Privacy Policy

Please note that our Fair Use Policy is also incorporated by reference in our Privacy Policy to ensure transparency and compliance with intellectual property laws.