New Film Distributor Galaxy Pictures to Launch in Australia and New Zealand

  Australian theatrical market has seen significant success following COVID, yet its film distribution landscape remains vulnerable to dramatic transformation. Traditional studio business and major pay-TV providers are evolving into streaming platforms and aggregators; therefore it is imperative that new players enter this arena. Rialto Entertainment of Australia and Vertigo Releasing in the UK have … Read more

Unveiling Mia Goths Terrifying Talent: Ranking Her Horror Movies from Mediocre to Masterful

Mia Goths Horror Movies

Discover Mia Goth’s chilling prowess in horror as we unveil her spine-chilling talent from mediocre to mind-blowingly masterful. Table of Contents Room of Nightmares – Mia’s Most Nightmarish Role Yet! Dystopia Desolation – A Haunting Adventure Through the Shattered Realm Haunted Hearts – A Supernatural Love Story That Sends Shivers Down Your Spine The Curse … Read more

Streaming Tears: Dive into These 7 Heartbreaking Films on Netflix

Sad Movies on Netflix

Discover the emotional rollercoaster on Netflix as we reveal 7 tear-jerking films that will leave you reaching for tissues. Table of Contents Departures (2008) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Me Before You (2016) Manchester by the Sea (2016) Atonement (2007) Schindler’s List (1993) Grave of the Fireflies (1988) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Get ready … Read more

Five Nights At Freddys: Unveiling the Spooky Secrets – Release Date, Story, Trailer & More!

Five Nights At Freddys movie

Are you brave enough to discover the spine-chilling secrets lurking behind Five Nights At Freddy’s? Unleash your curiosity now! Table of Contents Release Date: Mark Your Calendars! The Story: A Glimpse into the Haunting Universe Trailer: Brace Yourself for Nightmarish Animations Everything We Know: An Exciting Compilation of Details Conclusion Hey there, fellow horror aficionados! … Read more

X-Men Franchise | Everything Great About X-Men

X-Men Franchise

  X-men is a film franchise of superheroes produced by Lauren Shuler Donner based on marvel Entertainment which is having the same name as in marvel studios. In 1994 Lauren Shuler bought the film rights of X-Men from 20th Century Fox Studios. First movie of X-men was released in 2000 from their onwards the franchise … Read more

Thor : Love And Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder

Overview     Thor : Love And Thunder is a movie based on the Comic books character Thor which was released on 8th July 2022. The story is continued from the movie Avengers : EndGame where we saw the return of Thor from a long break after the fight with Thanos in the movie Avengers … Read more

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of Ten Rings Overview Shang-Chi and the legend of Ten Rings is a movie based on the Comic books character Shang-Chi which was released on 3rd September 2021. This is a completely new movie with no such sequel in the present with only introduction of the characters who are from korea … Read more

Quantum Realm

Quantum Realm Overview Doctor Hank Pyne finally realized that he got access to the Quantum Real using the Pyne particle. These are the particles which are capable of changing the size of a living creature and it is an extra dimensional nature. Janet, wife of Hank pyne was the first person to become the ant … Read more


Kamar-Taj Overview kamar-Taj is a place located in Kathmandu Nepal which is the home for the Master of Mystic Art and also the training ground for them. This place was first introduced in the movie Doctor Strange where Doctor Stephen Strange went to Kamar-Taj to recover himself after the car accident. Kamar-Taj not only heals … Read more


Eternals Overview Eternals is a movie based on the Comic book Eternals which was released on 5th November 2021. This is a completely new movie with no such sequel in the present with only introduction of the characters which came to earth to save people from Deviants. This is the twenty-sixth movie of Marvel Cinematic … Read more