New Film Distributor Galaxy Pictures to Launch in Australia and New Zealand

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New Film Distributor Galaxy Pictures to Launch in Australia and New Zealand
New Film Distributor Galaxy Pictures to Launch in Australia and New Zealand – Img Courtesy HuLu


Australian theatrical market has seen significant success following COVID, yet its film distribution landscape remains vulnerable to dramatic transformation. Traditional studio business and major pay-TV providers are evolving into streaming platforms and aggregators; therefore it is imperative that new players enter this arena.

Rialto Entertainment of Australia and Vertigo Releasing in the UK have collaborated to form Galaxy Pictures, a distribution company focused on star-driven commercial films with broad appeal. This partnership formalizes an existing partnership that has handled 120 titles over three years.

Rialto and Vertigo Releasing Form a Partnership to Launch Galaxy Pictures

With Australia’s theatrical market evolving since COVID’s implementation, cinemaphiles in Australia and New Zealand need an appropriate film distribution company that caters to consumers’ ever-evolving tastes. Rialto Films of Australia has joined forces with Vertigo Releasing out of London to launch Galaxy Pictures, an all-new distributor that will focus on broad appeal films featuring star power in today’s digital landscape.

This company will officially debut in 2024 with an impressive release slate that includes films such as: Land of Bad”, featuring Australian actors Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth; Long Legs”, featuring Nicolas Cage; “Sleeping Dogs”, featuring Russell Crowe, Karen Gillan and Russell Crowe as leads; Sylvester Stallone is in “Armoured”, while historical drama “Canterville Ghost”, with Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie; as well as culinary romance “The Taste of Things”, co-starring John Lithgow and Australia’s Geoffrey Rush.

Galaxy Pictures marks the second Australian and New Zealand distributor to be revealed recently, following VVS Films from Canada announcing plans to operate Down Under through Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario release. Both initiatives show the resilience of Australia’s cinema industry amid radical industry transformations.

Galaxy Pictures’ 2024 Release Slate

As streaming and new film distribution models make an inroad into the theatrical market, Australia cinema has made impressive strides post-COVID-19. Yet distributors must adapt quickly and remain relevant within an ever-evolving industry to remain viable.

Galaxy Pictures’ 2024 release slate promises to excite and engage audiences. Their films span both sequels and original material from some of Hollywood’s top directors, giving audiences something for every taste in cinematic entertainment.

“The Watchers,” an anticipated supernatural thriller that marks Ishana Shyamalan’s feature debut is highly anticipated. Daughter of M. Night Shyamalan, she first gained experience as producer/director/writer on his Apple TV+ series Servant before creating this supernatural horror flick starring Sigourney Weaver, Emile Hirsch and Jared Padalecki.

Galaxy will also release “Magazine Dreams,” a dark comedy about serial killers featuring Jonathan Majors – recently removed from Disney’s Sundance searchlight project due to domestic violence charges he faces – due for release sometime between November and 2024.

Vertigo Releasing’s Rupert Preston on the Launch

Independent UK distributors have had an anxious year. Aside from the COVID pandemic – which has made audiences accustomed to watching films at home – major turnover in key local film supporters has taken place; Zygi Kamasa departed Lionsgate UK in March while Ed Caffrey is leaving Vertigo Releasing, co-founded with Nigel Williams.

Reopening cinemas in the region is certainly welcome news, yet exhibitors’ flexible window strategies have left smaller distributors reeling. Preston believes producers could emerge as big beneficiaries from this flexibility.

Nicolas Winding Refn is one such producer. Recently reuniting with Rupert Murdoch (UK-based distributor who helped push Pusher out into theaters), Refn told ScreenDaily: “I owe Rupert my thanks.”

Vertigo Entertainment Group announced that Francesco Munzi’s critically-acclaimed Mafia drama Black Souls from Rai Com has been acquired. Black Souls made its Venice premiere and follows three brothers from Calabria immersed in Mafia life until tragedy strikes; Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke star. It was produced by Three Little Birds and Sunrise Films with XYZ Films financing and executive producing it – James Cummings will oversee production while Chaneil Kular will oversee it post production with November release planned post Preston unveiling world sales at American Film Market next month.

Galaxy Pictures’ Kelly Rogers on the Launch

Australian theatrical market has shown signs of recovery since the COVID-19 pandemic, although film distribution landscape is highly unpredictable and ever-evolving as traditional studio business evolves and Foxtel transitions into streaming platforms and content aggregators. Now with Galaxy Pictures entering the fray and positioning itself as a significant player on moviegoer viewing habits.

Galaxy Pictures marks another major development in Australia’s film market in recent weeks, after VVS Films from Canada revealed plans to enter with “Dream Scenario.” Both companies aim to give audiences access to star-studded movies as audiences adapt to today’s rapidly accelerating digital environment.

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