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kamar-Taj is a place located in Kathmandu Nepal which is the home for the Master of Mystic Art and also the training ground for them. This place was first introduced in the movie Doctor Strange where Doctor Stephen Strange went to Kamar-Taj to recover himself after the car accident. Kamar-Taj not only heals him but also helps him to get magical power which he used to save the world from the enemies of the dark world.



Kamar-Taj was the place which was founded for the people like sorcerers so that they could train themselves and control their power. There are many people who have lost everything in his life and are broken come to kamar-taj to heal themselves. Once they are completely healed and gain back all their strength they have the right to choose between joining the Art of Mystics or to get back to their previous life.

House Of Wisdom

Kamar-Taj is also known as the house of different spell books which also contain main Dark and dangerous spells. Despite being known about this dangerous spell the warning about the spell comes after the spell is chanted rather than before the use which is also a common practise for them. Thus Sorcerer’s practise all the spells without knowing the risk and cost that might occur to them and also to the whole World.

A Strange Pilgrimage

After the car accident of Doctor Strange he loses some of the nerves of his arms and loses control over his hand thus also losing hope from his life as he could not do anything now. To heal himself he uses all of his wealth for different kinds of medical treatments but fails to heal him. Strange heard for a counselor that a person named Jonathon also got the same kind of injury and was successful in recovering himself. Thus he went in search of Jonathon and when he encountered jonathan told that he went to a place called Kamar-Taj which is in Kathmandu , Nepal where he learned to heal himself from his mind and not by his body. Strange got hope for his recovery and used his last remaining wealth to travel to Nepal. When he went to nepal he met two ancient Kong and Karl Mordo they trained him to become a master.

Full Moon Party

A full moon party was thrown by Doctor Strange because of his recovery from his injury. Also after the party doctor strange chanted a spell named as Runes of Kof-Kol which made every person at Kamar-Taj except Strange to forget about the full moon Party.

Battle Of Earth

It was from the time of the year 2023 when all the Art of Mystic arrived from Kamar-Taj to join the battle against Thanos. As Wong became the new Sorcerer supreme he continued to open a portal from Kamar-Taj to bring all the warriors to the fight place.

Studying The Ten Ring

After that both Chen and Shang-chi return to San Francisco and tell the whole adventure to Soo and John but do not believe it. But from nowhere Wong appeared from a portal and took Chengg and Shang-chi to Kamar-Taj to tell them about the history of his father’s ring and also make Soo and John believe that they are telling the truth. When Bruce Banner was contacted upon asking for help he was clueless but after more investigation they get to know that this ring shows a mystical message from the time of Beacon. Meanwhile Xialing returned to the ten rings headquarters and became the leader of the Organization.

Scarlet Witch War

Rebuilding Kamar-Taj

After more inspection Strange found that runes of witchCraft is also present in the creature and he knows that this is not under his expertise so he went to Wanda Maximoff in her farm to ask about the multiverse where he realize that the who farm is chaos which is created by her using the dark spell and she under the control of darkhold.She also told that she is the one who send that creature behind her. She thinks that she will be reunited with Bill and Tommy if she gets control of the multiverse. Also gave sundown time to surrender Charvez before she came to take her.

Charvez was kept safe at Kamar Taj where Master Of Mystic Art set up the defense all around the Kama Taj to prevent Scarlet Witch but she teleported all the weapons and entered Kama Taj to take away Charvez. Although Doctor Strange captured her inside a mirror dimension, she succeeded to escape from it using reflections. In fear, charvez again opens a portal which helps stange and charvez to travel to another universe which is earth 813. They went in search for the counterpart  of Strange in this universe but found that Strange of this universe already died during the fight with Thanis and the NewYork government owned him by creating a museum for him.

Mordo told both of them to sit down and warn them about the power of Scarlet Witch but soon both passed out as Mordo added poison in the tea. Then they were taken to a place where there are scientists who take care of different threats all over the Universe. Doctor Strange was taken in front of them for Judgmental where Illuminati , Dr Peggy Carter along with many more were also present where everyone thinks that Doctor Strange is the only Threat to the universe. They told that the counterpart of Strange in this universe has used Darkhold to defeat Thanos but failed to do so to which Illiminatin uses the book of Vishanti to defeat Thanos in Titans. Doctor Strange assure that he is not like the others and if could not help, reality will be destroyed.

By that time Scarlet witch can enter Earth 813 by using a deathwalk and her counterpart went to interact with her children although illumination destroyed the darkhold and thus the interaction was incomplete. Now Scarlet witch threatened Kong that if he does not tell the Other way of getting the dark hold she will kill all the other Titans to which Wong told that this book is just a copy the real book is present Mount Wundagore where the book is first transcripted. Scarlet witch again died and went to the earth 813 in search of Charvez. Before giving Judgment all the titans went on the news of the attack. But they were easily killed by her. Xavier enters Maximoff’s mind to separate Scarlet Witch from her but she catches her neck and is sentenced to death. Before Doctor Strange came, Charvez was taken away by Scarlet Witch.

When asked about the Darkhold his counterpart told about the danger but Doctor Strange had a lyrical fight with his counterpart to get the Darkhold. The fight ends when Doctor Strange defects his evil counterpart and Palmer agrees to help him during his Deathwalk which is the only way to stop Scarlet Witch from Capturing the Universe. During the deathwalk Strange was attacked by all the spirits from both the universe and Strange managed to keep them together and use them as his weapons and easily defeat Scarlet Witch.

Strange make Charvez believe that she can refine her power which led her to open a portal and send Scarlet witch to earth 813 where she saw her counterpart along with his children and tried to kill her counterpart the Billy and Tommy rejected her which break her into tears and identified the mess that she made so she sacrifice herself to destroy the darkhold and all the copies of darkhold.

Rebuilding Kamar-Taj

Kamar Taj started to rebuild all the destruction that had occurred during the fight and Charvez started to practice mystical art in KamarTaj. On the other hand Strange returns to New York and repairs the watch which was gifted by Palmer. He went for a walk and then went into tears

Wong’s Resident

In 2025 Wong uses his dimensional portal so that he moves from Kamar-taj to Los Angeles and also the damage control supermax prison. Later he returned back to Kamar-Taj in the room and started to watch The Sopranos. Suddenly a portal opened up on him and a drunken woman named Madisynn King fell upon him. She told Wong about her residence, where he is from and how she came here and started to spoil the wrong show that night. So Wong returned to her residence and returned to his couch to continue to watch the show. Suddenly another portal opened and a man named asDonny Blaze came to him and asked for help as he accidentally took a Horde of demons. Later Wong joins the king and asks for what kind of alcohol he likes to drink while watching This is Us. Some days later Wong allowed Wmil Blonsky to stay at Kamar-Taj while she asked if they had Wifi available at Kamar-Taj. 

Alternate Universe

In the alternate universe Palmer already died and Doctor Strange was given training to become the master of Mystic Art at Kamar-Taj and protect the world from the enemies of the Dark World.

A join between the universe that is the gap junction inorder to get the book of shivanti both American Chavez and doctor Strange during which they faced a ribbonned creature which is their enemy and also in search of the book. To kill the monster Doctor Strange steals the teleporting power of American Charvez instead of knowing that she can die due to this. Although Doctor Strange got killed during the fight and in Fear, American Charvez opened a portal which linked to the Earth-616 where Doctor Strange met her.

Doctor Strange  woke up from the dream and saw the same thing that actually happened which he thinks is a nightmare. I Woke up and got dressed for the meeting. When he came out of his house an invisible creature started terrorizing the streets of New York. Doctor Strange forced him to leave his invisibility and reveal his structure and saw the monster named Gargantas which is a giant monster. American Chavez was also present in the scene in which Doctor Strange remembered her from his nightmare and saved her. Meanwhile Wong arrives from Kamar Taj now Doctor strange and Wong together defeat the gigantic monster. When Charvez was questioned about this situation she told that this monster was behind her and to prove that she took them to the universe gap where the Doctor Strange of another universe was killed which Doctor Strange saw in the dreams.

Trivia Challenge Of Kamar-Taj

  1. Where is Kamar-Taj Located ?

Ans: Kamar-Taj was located in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  1. Who fought in Kamar-Taj for America ?

Ans: Scarlet Witch.

  1. Who refers Kamar-Taj to Strange ?

Ans: Jonathan.

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