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Doctor Darren Cross was the assistant of Hank Pyne and he Showed good improvement and became the CEO Pyne technologies and named it Cross industries. Cross gets attracted by the Pyne Particle and wants to achieve success using the particles. But several uses of it affect his mind. He created a suit named Yellow Jacket and wanted to sell it to HYDRA and the Ten Rings. So Hank Pyne and Janet along with Ant-Man form a team and destroy the whole project. After losing everything to take revenge Cross himself wore the Suit and went to Lang and his family to kill them, Cassie was threatened by Yellow Jacket thus to stop him Lang neutralized the suit and made him a sub atomic particle shape and also destroyed the suit.

When Cross was stuck inside the Quantum Realm he met with Kang who provided him with mechanical support and named him as MODOK which stands for Mechanized Organism Designed Only For Killing. He almost severed Kang for almost a decade as his sentient weapon. Once Ant-man , Pyne and Hope were stuck inside the Realm and MODOK was instructed by Kang to capture Lang. Cross for the last time attacked cassie when he was convinced by her to be on their side thus he went against his master and served his old enemies before dying.


Early Life

Cross was born in New York in the Year 1970 . In 1990 he went to school where he became very famous because of his scientific genius. He went to MIT and passed out with the degree of Valedictorian at the age of twenty. Pyne hired Cross directly from MIT and worked for some years as an assistant but he got attracted by the ant-man suit and the Pyne particle of resizing. Pyne always told him that this suits nothing but an urban legend and not to take it seriously.

Over the years Pyne was thrown out of his company and Cross became the new CEO and renamed the company as Cross Industries. After the control of cross industries they became the rival of Stark Industries. Cross is still obsessed with the technologies that Pyne had kept away from him. He wants to know the mechanics of the Ant-Man suit. Later he understood the technologies and created his own model and named it as Yellow Jacket and wanted to sell it to HYDRA and the Ten Ring.

In an interview Cross was asked about the new idea of Pyne industries to which he replied that Pyne is working on a new project named as Yellow jacket and also told that both Pyne and Cross are close friends before leaving the meeting.

Reunion with Hank Pym

Cross arranged a presentation to showcase his projects along with HYDRA and Ten Rings; he also invited Pyne to show his success. While giving the presentation Pyne saw that Her daughter Hope is working with Cross. He told about the project Yellow jacket and also took the Reference to the presence of Ant-man and also told that Pyne was the one who was ant-man to which he disagreed.

Later he showed the yellow Jacket to everyone and told them about the new Technologies that he had used using a silk plate. He also told how he could recreate the Ant-Man suit and can also create a new Pyne Particle for getting resized. One of the Scientist of Pyne named Frank who was afraid about the suit that if it got into the enemy’s hand then it could be a threat to the world to which Cross told that he wanted to meet him in private and discuss more about the yellow jacket.

After Cross ended the talk with Pyne a person met with Mitchell Carson who was the rival of the Pyne Industry and currently working with HYDRA. He offered Cross to buy the suit with a twenty percent profit and a fast cash payment. With this humble interaction and price he accepted the offer but before selling it he knew he had to make it perfect.

As Cross knew that he needed help from Pyne to make the model more perfect, Cross invited Pyne for dinner along with Hope. Pyne did not agree to go for the dinner but he was convinced by Hope to come as they needed help. After having dinner together he was taken to the by Cross to show the project and to make it perfect.

When Hope and Cross were working on the model they tried the Pyne Particle on a lamb although hope asked to do it in a lab as it would work more accurately. Cross injected the particles in the lamb but it did not work instead it was getting smaller and tuning into a bloody mess. Cross was not losing his hope and tried all his effort to make it perfect. After several tries one test succeeded and the lamb became small and still alive in a container. Cross was happy that his project was successful and knocked the Lamb off and laughed out loud.

While Pyne was driving to his lab he called Hope and asked where Pyne as he saw Pyne and Hope somewhere in the road to which she replied that they were at home. Hope lied to him as he knew that if the Suit goes into the wrong hand then it would be a threat. Pyne and Hope planned to destroy the suit by Asking Lang to help them. Thus Lang became Ant-Man and went to help them although he knew that if this time he breaks the rule he will be imprisoned for almost twenty years.

Selling the Yellowjacket

Under the training of Mr Pyne and his daughter Hope was trained to take the Stolen Device that had been created by Pyne and stolen by Darren Cross who was trying to sell the yellow Jacket to HYDRA and the Ten Ring. but some however cross mange to Know that they were selling the Yellow Jacket which lead to a final Fight between the Ant-Man and YellowJacket. But he was too powerful to defeat him so Ant-Man shrunk himself much more and entered inside the suit to destroy it. But this destruction led Ant-Man to enter into the Quantum Realm and also manage to escape. Due to this heroic fight Scott gets more respect in front of his daughter and his Ex-wife which help him to meet again.

Somehow Scott manages to rescue Cassie from falling into death so she shows gratitude to him and names him as the freedom fighter also Hope and Pyne are guided the path through the Quantum Realm by the help of Janet and later meet with Axis along with his old friend. Hope and Janet tried to learn the language of the freedom fighter and learn of who was once the hometown of the freedom fighter. Janet meets with his friend Krylar, Krylar is known as the ruler guard attack and also Janet’s relative and helps them to escape using his own ship. But during the time of escape the freedom fighters were attacked by the MODOK. Soon Scott and Janet discover that Daren Cross is the new deformed from the new Yellow Jacket whose suit was destroyed during the fight and later left behind with only the head and the little limb joined with his body which he used to hover in the chair.

Scott was arrested by the MODOK and forced to make a deal with the man named Kang who needs help to get the multiverse core power. Janet explains to Hope that Kang was a scientist in real life while fixing his Time chair and stuck into the Quantum Realm. Janet realizes that his ship will lead to the destruction of the world thus he Keeps his ship Sabotage and will lead to destruction of several lives. Kang took away several lives and fought to conqueror his prestige and power which he lost during his past lives. Ant man went into multiverse core power and shirk it with help of wasp because Kang was against them but somehow Kang stole it from them. Which MODOK helps him to escape from the place so that they coil escape from the Quantum Realm and go back to their world.

Kang Explain his origin of where he stays and his planning to Thwart The council Of Wang so that he could exit the Quantum Realm. So to stop Kang Ant-Man along with Wasp and with the help of the Smarter man which he was working in the real world to make it more intelligent. They ordered to kill MADOK as he was behind this manipulation for destroying the Quantum World. Wank called his ant and told to distract them while he will do all his job during the distraction. Janet opens a portal which will lead them to the earth and keeps it open until Scott the last person returns. He was blasted away by Kang and throw him away from the portal and tried to kill Scott by having a hand to hand fight but he does not succeed to get him and manage to escape from him although Scott’s armor was already destroyed and at last escape from the Quantum Realm along with Hope and Janet leaving behind Kang in that world as he might be harmful for the earth since his intention was to get back his power by killing numerous people of the world.

As Cross was busy with the presentation Hope and Pyne along with Ant-man went inside the lab and tried to destroy the suit which Cross caught them. They had a fight with Ant-Man and he entered inside the suit of Yellow Jacket and changed the reactor of the suit with the Pynes Particle. For the last time Yellow Jacket tried to kill Lang’s family to get a victory but at last Lang was not left with no choice but to turn off the regulators in his suit which led to making him small inside his suit. He screamed for the last time when his head stuck in the helmet and his limbs got small and his head remained as big as it is making it a subatomic shape. And was led to be stuck in the Quantum Realm where he survived by the help of Kang for over a decade.

Trapped in the Quantum Realm

Although Cross was in Subatomic shape he was still alive as he was stuck inside the Quantum Realm. His Face enlarges in a huge amount but his limbs and legs remain the same. After sticking inside the Quantum World he met with Kang the conqueror and helped him with a specialized armor which made him MODOK and served him many years until he again saw Hope who convened him to fight on their side before he died.

Lang was forced to do this job for the last time to save Janet from there so according to the plan he went to the Pyne lab and wore his suit sent to the Quantum tunnel up to the Quantum Realm but due to some problem both Pyne and Hope went inside with him. Inside the Realm he found Kang the Conqueror who was ruling inside the Quantum World served by MODOK for over a decade and also wanted some out of it so that he could get back his prestige and also take revenge. Lang understands that if Kang comes to the outside world then now one can stop him. In the meantime he found Hope , Pyne and Janet and took them to the Portal and succeeded in stopping Kang from getting into the real world with the help of MODOk.


According to the character Cross was a person with great knowledge and with more scientific ideas. When he was 20 he has hired by Pyne in his Lab to assist him but Cross a very attracted to Pyne technology and also want to get the power to succeed thus within a few years he took over Pynes lab and with his knowledge he succeed to create a new suit like Ant-man suit and named it as yellow suit. Thus because of the eagerness to get power he lost his life when he was stuck in the Quantum Realm while his body shape looks like a Subatomic structure.

Powers and Abilities


  • SuperHuman Durability.
  • SuperHuman Speed
  • Flight
  • Weapon Creation
  • Energy Blast
  • Size Manipulation


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Master of Scientist
  • Master of Businessman
  • Master of Engineering
  • Expert in Maskman


  • Glock 17
  • Beretta 92Fs Inox
  • Shrink Gun
  • Yellow Jacket Suit
  • Helmet


  • Pyne Technological HeadQuarter


  • “Father”
  • “Mother”
  • “Frank”
  • “Anthony”
  • Giant Pet Ant
  • Maggie Lang
  • Jim Paxton
  • Gale
  • Kang’s empire
  • Kang The Conqueror


  • Hank Pyne’
  • “Hope”
  • “Cross”
  • Wired
  • Mitchell Corson
  • Cassie Lang
  • Scott Lang
  • “Ant-Man”

Trivia Challenge of MODOK

  1. Name the first person to hire Cross ?

Ans: Yank Pyne

  1. What is the name of his daughter ?

Ans: His Daughter’s name is Hope Pyne.

  1. To whom does Coss want to sell the Yellow Jacket ?


Behind The Scenes

Before getting the role of Cross Otto West was not the only one to do this role Hank Azaria was also there to do the role but at last the director decided to take him to the role. Peter Dinklage was stunned that Otto West got the role as MODOK.

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