Quantum Realm

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Quantum Realm


Doctor Hank Pyne finally realized that he got access to the Quantum Real using the Pyne particle. These are the particles which are capable of changing the size of a living creature and it is an extra dimensional nature. Janet, wife of Hank pyne was the first person to become the ant man as wasp who disappeared in the quantum realm and sacrificed her life in stopping a soviet missile. From there onward Janet took shelter in the quantum Realm and now Pyne started researching the quantum realm for his wife who did not get a successful result.


Janet van Dyne’s Odyssey

After being trapped in the quantum Realm, Janet created an isolated place for her living as she was outside of the house. Richard, by sitting on the time chair, also travels to the Quantum Realm city and crashes into Janet’s new residence. Janet quickly armed herself and went to the crashed spot where she saw an aircraft crashed and many beasts were around Richerd. She tried to save him but the beasts started attacking her to which he was saved by richard and Janet helped richard to come out of the time chair as he had fallen in the ground.

Now Janet and Richerd started to fix the time chair core so that they could leave the Quantum Realm although they failed after making several attempts to start it. During their working they took a break and Janet was regretting not being able to stand by her daughter Hope after the last mission with Pyne. Kang told Janet they she could go back if they succeed to fix the Time chair and at last they manage to start the time chair.

As they both prepared to depart from the Quantum Realm Theory they prepared the energy core. Janet tried to read the memories of Kang where she saw he is the Kang the conqueror who spread many campaigns in capturing the multiverse and having many connections of reality and timelines. After seeing this Janet hesitates to go with her as it would lead to the destruction of the universe. Kang wore his armor and tried to start the engine but Janet took the core for the Time chair along with the Pyne Particled Disc and left the place. She successfully stops Kang from going to the real world along with her although with the passage of time Kang using his armor created his own empire and searched for Janet. Later Janet met with Krylar and created a freedom fighter army against Kang.

Outsiders’ Interactions

After Sott Lang defeated Darren Cross in 2015 he was transported to the quantum Realm but somehow manage to escape from their by altering the size in the size the regulator and keeping the small size regulator in the Quantum world replacing the red Pyne Particle Diss with  a Blue Pyne Particle Diss inside the regulator. After his return he was unable to recall what actually happened to him in the quantum realm.

After the Jemma simons disappears leo fitz researched all about Monolith to find if there is any possibility of finding her in the quantum Realm and also uses new technologies to find out her presence in that world. At last after so much effort Leo managed to discover that Jemma was in the quantum world and she was safe over there thus using his new technology he managed to bring her back.

In the year 2016 when Stephen first arrived in the Kamar Taj he had been sent through many consciousnesses and also through many realities among which it was the Quantum realm. After this event Steven Strange became Dr Strange with more power and also got magical abilities which he has been given to prevent invaders from outside. 

Scientists’ Usage

In 2018 a message arrived to Scott Lang from Janet about the memories of his daughter Hope. She is stuck in the Quantum Realm and from the message both Hank Pyne and Hope were sure that Janet is still alive in that world. Thus Lang was forced to do this job for the last time eto save Janet from there so according to the plan he went to the Pyne lab and wore his suit sent to the Quantum tunnel up to the Quantum Realm but due to some problem both Pyne and Hope went inside with him. Inside the Realm he found Kang the Conqueror who was ruling inside the Quantum World and also wanted some out of it so that he could get back his prestige and also take revenge. Lang understands that if Kang comes to the outside world then now one can stop him. In the meantime he found Hope , Pyne and Janet and took them to the Portal and succeeded in stopping Kang from getting into the real world.

Just before Hope and Lang were going to rescue her Pyne told them that he would distract the ghost for the time being and keep him away from the Lab for some time. Pyne enters just fifteen minutes before Janet’s location changes after entering Pyne’s health deteriorates but somehow manages to find Janet. They reunited and returned back to the lab and returned to their original size.

Since the ghost was stuck inside the quantum realm and was absorbing more quantum energy and getting bigger day by day. Thus Lang has been sent back to the world with a device in order to absorb all the quantum energy so that Ghost cannot take it. While he was doing the task a technical problem occurred and the quantum tunnel wide opened and Janet, Pyne along with Hope sucked inside the Quantum world without leaving anyone outside for controlling the machine. Everyone is stuck inside the Quantum Realm.

During the fight between the SHIELD and the chronics Zephyr One traveled using the time machine and created a new timeline so that kora. Leo fitz shrunk into the Quantum world and created a bridge in the timeline. At last after so much effort Leo managed to discover that Jemma was in the quantum world and she was safe over there thus using his new technology he managed to bring her back. SHIELD also uses the quantum tunnel to bring back Zephyr to the original timeline so that he could not manipulate the future.

Time Heist

It was the time from 2023 when he was still stuck in the Quantum Realm but Rat by mistake turned on the panel which led him to come to the world which was the time after the first fight with Thanos and the Avengers. Scott Came out of the garbage and went in search of Cassie where he found the names of all the people who disappeared after the first attack of Thanos. This was the second time when he joined the Avengers and helped to defeat Thanos. He uses the Quantum Tunnel to go back to the past and again get back the six infinity stones to stop Thons in Future. Lang succeeds to get back the stones and ultimately defeat Thanos.

With the idea of time travel Lang brainstormed and found out an idea of how they could time travel and go back to the past to get back the infinity stones. In the meantime Tony Stark enters and gives the complete idea of how to do that. All the Avengers asked is Quantum Realm real and then suited up and went into the tunnel to get back the stone. They time travel to their past and find out the stones. After getting all the stones they again get back to their real world doing time travel.

By using time travel the avengers team split up into teams and went for the finding of the six infinity stones from the Quantum Realm Marvel. Hulk went to get the time stone, Captain America went for the power stone, Black Widow went for the Reality stone for which she had to sacrifice her life. After getting all the stones they return back from the quantum Realm. They fight with Thanos and defeat him and at the end they again use the Quantum realm and send back all the Six Infinity stones to their respective places.

After so loss of the super heroes they decided to destroy the Quantum Tunnel so in 2014 they send Nebula back into the Quantum Realm and create a alternate Timeline which link with Avengers compound and which create a new version of sanctuary with the alternate timeline and destroyed the quantum tunnel which is in the Avengers Compound completely blocking the access of the Quantum Realm.

During the war with Thanos Lang told another Quantum Tunnel is present to Luis however Thanos from an alternate timeline destroyed the Tunnel using his sword which led to a large explosion of Quantum Energy inside the Avengers compound and led to the arrival of Carlo Danvers.

After the end of the war Hulk AKA Bruce Banner used another quantum Tunnel to return the infinity stones. He was helped by Steve Roger who all went to return the infinity stone. After he returns it Steve Roger went to another timeline of 1974 where first married Peggy Carter in another timeline and spent a happy moment unless he became old and returned to the earth 616 after spending time with Peggy Carter.

Quantum War

Somehow Scott manages to rescue Cassie from falling into death so she shows gratitude to him and names him as the freedom fighter also Hope and Pyne are guided the path through the Quantum Realm by the help of Janet and later meet with Axis along with his old friend. Hope and Janet tried to learn the language of the freedom fighter and learn of who was once the hometown of the freedom fighter. Janet meets with his friend Krylar, Krylar is known as the ruler guard attack and also Janet’s relative and helps them to escape using his own ship. But during the time of escape the freedom fighters were attacked by the MODOK. Soon Scott and Janet discover that Daren Cross is the new deformed from the new Yellow Jacket whose suit was destroyed during the fight and later left behind with only the head and the little limb joined with his body which he used to hover in the chair.

Scott was arrested by the MODOK and forced to make a deal with the man named Kang who needs help to get the multiverse core power. Janet explains to Hope that Kang was a scientist in real life while fixing his Time chair and stuck into the Quantum Realm. Janet realizes that his ship will lead to the destruction of the world thus he Keeps his ship Sabotage and will lead to destruction of several lives. Kang took away several lives and fought to conqueror his prestige and power which he lost during his past lives. Ant man went into multiverse core power and shirk it with help of wasp because Kang was against them but somehow Kang stole it from them.

Kang Explain his origin of where he stays and his planning to Thwart The council Of Wang so that he could exit the Quantum Realm. So to stop Kang Ant-Man along with Wasp and with the help of the Smarter man which he was working in the real world to make it more intelligent. They ordered to kill MADOK as he was behind this manipulation for destroying the Quantum World. Wank called his ant and told to distract them while he will do all his job during the distraction. Janet opens a portal which will lead them to the earth and keeps it open until Scott the last person returns. He was blasted away by Kang and throw him away from the portal and tried to kill Scott by having a hand to hand fight but he does not succeed to get him and manage to escape from him although Scott’s armor was already destroyed and at last escape from the Quantum Realm along with Hope and Janet leaving behind Kang in that world as he might be harmful for the earth since his intention was to get back his power by killing numerous people of the world.

Alternate Universe

While Janet was living in the alternate universe she was affected by a Quantum virus during her third year in the Quantum World which led her to become a zombie. Later in 2018 Hank Pyne entered the Quantum world to take out Janet but was brutally attacked by her then both were rescued by Hope and they infected the people of the world.

Nature And Structure

The nature of Quantum Realm is in such a way that you enter from one point and exit from another point in another time. This also helps to jump from one timeline to another as it was done by Leo during the war against the Chronics and also used by Steve Roger to go to the reality created by avengers and return the infinity stone from their time.

Trivia Challenge Of Quantum Realm

  1. Name the first person to use Quantum Realm ?

Ans: The first person to use Quantum Realm is Janet Pyne.

  1. What is the name of his daughter ?

Ans: His Daughter’s name is Hope Pyne.

  1. Who destroyed the Quantum Tunnel of Avengers Compound ?

Ans: Quantum Tunnel was destroyed by Nebula in another timeline.

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  • What If…?
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  • What If… Zombies!?
  • Season Seven
  • What We’re Fighting For
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • Ms. Marvel
  • Season One
  • Generation Why
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

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