Finley Aaron Love Lockwood

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Finley Aaron Love Lockwood


Finley Aron Love Lockwood was born on 7th October 2008 is an American media personality. The name finley name means that faired haired lady with the most courageous lady of Iris. Finley’s middle name came after the Elvis middle name which comes from Aron and Gladys middle name which is love. Finley Aaron Love is known as the daughter of late Lisa Marie Presley along with her fourth husband Michale Lockwood who is known as a musician and a producer. Aron has a twin sister and her name is Harper Vivine Ann Lockwood. Although she is the granddaughter of Elvis Presly but still Finley always stays away from the limelight away from the media and public.


Lisa Marie is the adopted mother of Aaron love and Lisa makes sure that instead of being a public figure she always kept her in a normal state. She said that she kept her family unit and her first priority was her children’s happiness and for their good beings. She always tries to keep her family together as she stays together in the same room. Lisa Marie said that her children are very much protective of her and look at her as their best friend and their mother. Lisa is proud of their close bond and their chemistry as her daughter keeps contact with her when not at home. Commenting on her social media shows her love and protection from her own father.

Lisa always focuses on the fact that her twin daughter grew up without using the shadow of his grandfather and it seemed that she did not grow under the shadow and follows her own path and chooses his own career as an actress. Lisa Marie tries his best to keep her family together but the divorce between Lisa and Michael Lockwood keeps a toll on social media and upon her daughter. After the divorce Aron Love started living with her Grand Mother Priscilla Presley until the situation between their parents settled down. However later the problem got resolved.

Early Life

Finley Love Aron was born to her parents in the year 2008 in California Thousand Oaks in the United state of America. Her birthday falls on 7th october makes her a Libra with Zodiac Sign. till 2023 her ongoing age is 14 years although information about her birthday is lacking on the internet. She took birth along with a twin sister named Harper Vivine Ann lockwood. Aron’s father Michale is also in the music industry as a guitarist and as a music producer. During her early life she worked with many artists like Lions and Ghost, Aimee Mann, Atomic Seven, I am Sam , Sylvian and many more. She has two siblings, a step sister named Riley Keough and his half brother named Benjamin. Both his siblings are from her mother’s first marriage.


Till now Finley Aaron Love career has not been started although her father is from the music industry as a guitarist and music producer his father name is Michael Lookwood. According to the recent news her parents net worth is around 60 million dollars since both his parents have worked in many musics and as a composer.


Since she has not yet entered in the industry we do not know about her influence for choosing her career but as far as we could guess that she grew up with the shadow of his grandfather and wanted to choose his own career path. In that case she might choose the music industry as her father is from the same industry as a guitarist and as music producer.


Since Aron is only 14 years old she is in high school and not active in social media as well as away from the limelight but as his parents are from the music industry she might be also joining in the same industry later on.

Trivia Of Aaron Love

  • Finley Aaron Love is the oldest twin among her other siblings.
  • Lisa and Michale Lockwood get divorce and split away when she was just seven
  • Her father Michael and Stephanie started dating when she was just eight.
  • At the age of ten Michael and Stephanie married for the first time.
  • Benjamin passed away when Aaron was eleven years old,
  • Lisa and Michael got divorced when Aaron was only twelve years old.
  • After her mother Lisa Love died Michael and Stephania married when Aaron was just fourteen.

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