Doctor Strange Karl Mordo

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Doctor Strange Karl Mordo


Karl Mordo is one of the oldest and Former members of Master of the Mystic Art who is a close friend of Ancient One and helps her in recruiting future sorcerers and help in training. When Mordo met Strange in Kathmandu he invited him to Kamar-Taj despite the objection given by the Ancient One. Later they together fought against Zealot but later Mordo gets to know that the Ancient One is using the power of the dark Dimension. Seeing this Mordo was so terrified that he moved back from the face off and went to fix the balance of the earth by dragging all the power from the sorceress.


Early Life

After facing a huge tragedy in his life he came to Kamar-Taj to heal himself and come out of his past. He wanted to become the Master Of mystic Art to take revenge from all the losses he had got. At first he dislikes the lifestyle and way of training there but he was trained by Ancient One and by the passage of time he became the master of mystic art leaving behind all his revenge and dedicating his life in protecting the world from harm.

Fighting with Dragon Rider

Zanshi stole the bow and the arrow along with the armor of a dragon raider from Kamar-Taj. Mordo and the Ancient one went in front of the enemy and went to a thrilling fight against the raider and eventually they got victory in the war and master of mystic art returned the stolen things to kamar-Taj and kept it safe from stealing.

New Trainee

Recruiting Doctor Strange

After the car accident of Doctor Strange he loses some of the nerves of his arms and loses control over his hand thus also losing hope from his life as he could not do anything now. To heal himself he uses all of his wealth for different kinds of medical treatments but fails to heal him. Strange heard from a counselor that a person named Jonathon also got the same kind of injury and was successful in recovering himself. Thus he went in search of Jonathon and when he encountered jonathan told that he went to a place called Kamar-Taj which is in Kathmandu , Nepal where he learned to heal himself from his mind and not by his body. Strange got hope for his recovery and used his last remaining wealth to travel to Nepal. When he went to nepal he met two ancient Kong and Karl Mordo they trained him to become a master. A full moon party was thrown by Doctor Strange because of his recovery from his injury. Also after the party doctor strange chanted a spell named as Runes of Kof-Kol which made every person at Kamar-Taj except Strange to forget about the full moon Party. It was from the time of the year 2023 when all the Art of Mystic arrived from Kamar-Taj to join the battle against Thanos. As Wong became the new Sorcerer supreme he continued to open a portal from Kamar-Taj to bring all the warriors to the fight place.

Convincing the Ancient One

After seeing Ancient One rejected to teach Stephen Strange but Mordo convinced Ancient One to Train Strange as he was suffering from a huge pain from inside the earth. As he said that Strange can be the only one to defeat Zealot. He remembers that Ancient One was the one who was the one who trained zealot and can only train strange like that.

At last Ancient One was convinced and agreed to train him. Mordo brought Strange to his room and told that from tomorrow the training will start early in the morning for becoming the Master of the Mystic Art. Before leaving the room, Mordo gave him a sheet of paper as strange as it was a mantra Mordo was joking about as it was written the wifi Password so that he could contact his home.

Training Doctor Strange

Mordo started giving him training early in the morning. At first he gave him a sling ring which helped to open an interdimensional portal. So that he could travel a longer distance but he was facing a problem in using it as he blamed himself because of his damaged hand it was too shaky to concentrate on it. The Ancient One arrived and asked what problem Strange is facing and gave the example of Harim as who Mordo has trained him to become the master of Mystic art.

They send Strange to mount Everest so that he could open the portal on his own to return. When Mordo returned he saw that Ancient One was using some strange power but instantly stopped it by swaying Mordo and went for kamar-Taj.

Combat Training

When they saw Strange was getting his confidence back Mordo started to train him in hand to hand combat. When Strange asks him why he is following Ancient One he says that as he does not know anything about the past of the ancient one and also does not know about his age thus he is staying loyal to her.

While fighting, the Mordo told the story of a zealot like it formed. Kaecilius lost his wife due to neurological diseases and joined the Kamar-Taj in order to remove all his pain and also learned Master Of Mystic Art. The leader of Kamar-Taj Ancient One promised him that he will be trained spiritually so that he loses all his pain. Although he has become quite a talented warrior, he is not happy with the knowledge that his mentor gave him. He thought that something had been kept hidden from him so he decided to find it on his own.Thus he approached some of his fellow trainers who also told that something has been kept hidden from them as the Ancient One does teach all the things as promised so they form a team named a Zealot and declare war against Kamar-Taj. They break through the Kamar-Taj library by killing the librarian both Zeallot and Kalicis entered the library and before stealing the page from a book which contain a ritual for the dark dimension opening from the book of Cagliostro by that time Ancient One came and warned them that the stolen page from the book will give him sorrow nothing else. Referring to the portal opened by the Ancient One in London led them to fight against her but the fight went one sided she defeated almost all of them while some of them succeed to escape leaving behind only three of them Kaelicius, Lucian and Zealot who also at last left.When Kaelicis spelled the stolen page from the book they got special power. They also got new abilities which will help them to defeat the Master Of Mystic Art and also destroy the Sanctum Sanctuary.

Explaining the Masters

Both Wong and Mordo caught Strange manipulating the eye of Agamotto and manipulating with time. Mordo explains to him about the consequences of using the spell as it could stick him inside a time loop and can erase his existence from world history. He asked them what the purpose of the Master of Mystic Art was, as he answered them to protect Kamar-Taj and compare them with Avengers who have saved the world. Strange was struggling with the true purpose of his training by that time Zealot raided kamar-Taj and Strange was thrown inside a portal which led to Hong Kong where Zealot was heading next. 

Defending the Ancient One

Both Mordo and Strange tried to defend the Ancient One as Zealot wanted to take revenge from her. He called her a liar as she did not give the entire knowledge of the entire mystical art as promised and told as a liar as well as stabbed her from the back. Mordo was eager to stop her but failed to do so and thus she also went to the dark world taken by Dormannu. At that time Mordo gets to know that the Ancient One is using a power of the dark dimension to stay young.

Battle of the Mirror Dimension

Kaecilius along with two other zealot went for the attack at Hong Kong Sanctum but they were stopped by Karl Mordo and fight with them for a long time when Doctor strange arrive and Kaecilus and Two other zealot were sent to the mirror dimension by strange and before that he took the sling ring from him and both Mordo and Strange headed towards the Kamar-Taj to protect.

With the help of the power of the dark dimension both Zealot and Kaecilius became more powerful in the Mirror dimension itself and they almost killed Strange in the process. The Ancient One arrived at the place and took both Mordo and Strange away from the place. Now the old student blames his mentor for not giving them the full knowledge of the Mystic Art as promised to which Ancient one told about the power of Dormannu and also his promise of immortality because this spell will help Dormannu to wake up again. They called her a liar and attacked her by Zealot and Kaecilius stabbed him from behind which pierced both his and ancient Ones body. As Ancient One was killed Zealot kicked her to an interdimensional portal where Strange and Mordo went to rescue her but there they found her dead.

Losing his Faith

After knowing that the Ancient One is using power from the dark world Mordo loses faith from her and also from the mystic of Art and moves ahead leaving his allies behind and he no longer believes in it.

Defeating Dormammu

Zealot went for a final fight with the Master of Mystic Art; both the zealots went for the attack in the Hong Kong Sanctum killing Wong. Strange was in tears and by that time the dark dimension began to merge with the earth dimension. They have to stop everything so Doctor Strange and Mordo went for the fight and used the power of the Eye of Agamotto. Starnet uses the spell to revert the process and repair all the damage that has been caused during the fight with the Master Of Mystic Art. Zealot broke free the spell and tried to stop both of them from using the spell. Kaeilicus was also stuck inside the building and was also trapped in the spell but somehow managed to interrupt him from using the spell. After surviving against the Zealot fight Strange still did not surrender himself in front of Dormannu instead he bargained with him by reeling him from the time loop and they can leave the earthly plane peacefully. Kaecilius and all the other survivors of the zealot are given immortality but the consequences fail to turn correct and all of them transform into middleness ones and take them into the dark Dimension.

Hunting Sorcerers

Attack on Jonathan Pangborn

After the Zealot event Mordo was having a hard time thinking about the Ancient one using Dark power Where he meet jonathan pangborn when he asked about why he was here he told that white he was away from Kamar-Taj encountered that the Sorcerer’s powers are stolen from the Kamar-Taj. Jonathan got that his magic was not stolen instead his power has been used.

Attacking Doctor Strange

To get rid of Sorcerers from the whole world every time he tried to kill Doctor Strange because he is the most powerful of them and in 2018 Mordo almost survived a Snap.


Mordo was the person with great personality as he was loyal to Ancient one from the beginning because he was the one who was surviving from a great loss and Ancient one was the one who manage to recover him from that state but later Mordo went against him after seeing that Ancient One is using power of the dark universe.

Power And Abilities


  • “Magic”
  • Spell casting
  • Platform Creation
  • Portal reaction
  • Dimensional travel
  • Power Absorption
  • Staff mastery
  • Whip mystery
  • Martial arts


  • Sling Ring
  • Boots of Valtor
  • Staff of the living


  • Kamar-Taj
  • New York Sanctum


  • Ancient One
  • Soul Rama
  • Daniel Drumm
  • Dragon Rider
  • Dormammu
  • Zealots
  • Lucian
  • Brunette Zealot
  • Tall Zealot
  • Hamir
  • Wong
  • Tina Monour
  • Doctor Strange

Trivia Challenge of Modo

  1. Whom does Mordo conveniently train Strange ?

Ans: Ancient One

  1. Why did Mordo leave Kamar-Taj?

Ans: because the Ancient One was using Dark power.

  1. Who defeated Dormammu ?

Ans: Doctor Strange.

Behind the Scenes

Kelvin Feige went for the look of the who will be the Mordo as no one was fitting in this role but somehow he got Gary oldman he did it best. Producer was also finding the best location to shoot according to the plot then they found out the place kamar-taj in nepal which is exactly the same as the plot and thus from that point kama-Taj alo became famous because of the movie doctor strange.

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