Homeless Emperor

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Homeless Emperor


He was a mysterious dragon level being who was also the leader of the monsters and also killed by the gods to maintain peace. Homeless emperor was a human male with long hair and short beard with bags under his eyes. He wears a suit which looks like a dark suit and also a pair of finger hole gloves, a cape tied around his neck and a small crown in his head.


Before getting his power he was a simple blue collar worker working in the farm when he was thrown out of the house by his landlord he started living in and started blaming and hating his misfortune. But as he looked at the sky and threw everything in the sky to the moronic and thought that his life has more importance from the other people of the world.


After gaining the more power of nature he was reeling how his kind has become. He found that the human biosphere has gone to a bad condition, thus he somehow wants to escape from the world and wants to leave others to die with the mother earth. But after getting power from the god he has a new purpose of leaving he has to create a complex he thinks that his duty is to evacuate the humans from the earth in order to save the world and mankind from destruction. After getting above the other human beings he thinks mankind should be wiped out as the living is cancerous for the earth.

History Of Homeless Emperor

He has become arrogant and thinks that he is the only one who can defeat all the heroes from the whole world. It got more complicated after the mysterious human being was unable to read their mind as they were also blessed by the god. Despite his arrogance he secretly admits that without his power given by god he is just like a normal human being. He was feared by the king as the king told him as a human being without the power and then he would be in deep trouble.

At the time he was going to do suicide god apperred to him he share his emotions and sadness to the god as he granted him power. Then the homeless emperor became more powerful.


Human Monster Saga

Monster Association Arc

At first Homeless was seen meditating for the upcoming war and then went for a meeting with the Monster Association and later with Orochi and was told that each hero should be targeted for a perfect battle record later they got a punch on the Rover.

While fighting he faced a zombie man when he was distracted by the fight among atomic and Attackers. He disturbed the heroes by hitting zombies with the explosion given by the homeless emperor. After so many explosions, zombies lost all his regeneration power and lost all of their power. Zombieman started distracting him so that he could get back his power of regeneration. After a few minutes they again started fighting with complete dominance over the s-class heroes. Their fight comes to an end by stopping them from fighting with the entire monster association over the war field and at last they stop the fight to bring peace among them.

When their fight ends he stares at the ground and sees many zombie maps are falling as the ground is injured and gets to know that the Zoro Zoro is defeated and they are no longer  fit to rule the organization. Suddenly someone arrived from the smoke which was created by the homeless empire. A sweet mask moved him away but as soon as he arrived he attacked the homeless and started fighting. When the mask man saw that Homeless was about to lose his life he tore him into pieces and before tearing him into pieces he tossed him into the air.

After defeating the mask man, both of them went to the child empire who is trying to capture the zombie man and went to rescue them. But they do not know the location so they send a spy to find the l0cation but they heard him killing a broken Zombie Man by stamping him two times. Somehow the homeless Empire managed to find the location and succeeded in shooting the prey by firing a number of bullets towards him in return they also fired some bullets which they narrowly survived.

Homeless emperor is using a huge amount of power to take Takasumi down but she somehow manages to escape from the place using a decoy later when he was sitting and relaxing Black Sperm appears and asks for help as he was unable to win against them and in reply he refuses to help him. Stating that this a competition and he alone has to defeat as many S-Class as possible. Homeless was waiting for Black Sperm’s ending and waiting to split the whole civilization so that he could rule over there.

To defeat the monster the black sperm merges a large number of cells with the golden sperm and also beats zoro for crossing the lines. When the homeless saw that the monster is under control then the homeless fired a large number of energy orb to completely defeat him. After realizing that homeless and Black sperm are overpowered he left the place and also did not forget to declare taking revenge from them one day. Golden sperm wants to finish ugly completely but the homeless told him to let him go as he thinks that ugly could be of help to them some day. Homeless then focused on the atomic samurai and lian and released all his power and started firing a huge number of Robs from the sky at them.

Ian and samurai are struggling to defend against the attack by a homeless man who was firing a huge number of ribs and at last unleashes his power to fire a huge sphere of robs but samurai somehow manage to take out his sum blade and cut the sphere into two pieces. After seeing this he again started firing a huge number of ribs but this time nothing happened to him because he was too powerful. As a homeless man was about to be killed by a s-class hero, golden sperm appeared and moved him away from there. Both homeless and Golden Sperm were surprised by the power of the sword as it cut off Golden Sperm’s arm. Then they realize that the sword man is unable to reweld the weapon as a result of evil natural water arriving in front of them. Now the homeless changed his focus to the newly arrived hero and started attacking him and now homeless, black sperm and Golden sperm along with the evil natural water started fighting together to defeat the king.

After so many attacks there was no response from the king to which Black sperm asked why the king was not doing anything and in which way the king fought. Homeless replies that out of all the heroes present here the king is the only one who is lacking in fighting and has less data to render the requirement of fight. The homeless man was about to start the attack by creating a big sphere to which the king asked what happens if he touches the sphere. Homeless reply that all the heroes over here along with the king will vaporize. Homeless again started to create the sphere and the king warned him to take care of the soft ground under his legs which might get slipped. Homeless mistakenly took it as warning that the king might doubt his attack and the king could have killed him.

Although he was stressed still he declared that he wanted to show who is the actual king but eventually he was brought down by the king and got to know that he is not a super hero instead he is just a human being and also made him apologize. After hearing from the king that he was only  a human homeless got panicked as he knows that if he ever get to know that he just an ordinary human with the light power monsters like black sperm and gold sperm will move away from him as a result he went to attack king before he could speak anything more about him. Just before his first attack, a zombie man arrived and grabbed his neck from back in panic. He asked for Black Sperm help but refused to help him as he did not want to move focus from the king.

The zombie man pinned the homeless emperor down but he still wanted to say that no one could defeat him as he could bring platinum sperm to defeat the king. He said a single black Sperm is enough to bring down the king and also a S-Class hero. He asked to give the zombie man a peaceful death and told to go away from here. But the zombie man had several questions for him as he wanted to know what is the source of his power and how did he get it and many more. Before the homeless could answer anything he saw a big figure above his head coming from the moon. It was the god who has given him the power of light. God came and took away his light power, declaring him as dead and loving him in front of the eyes of the zombie man.

Abilities And Power

As a high ranked member of a dragon level of mysterious being among the monster Association, the homeless Emperor was one of the most powerful beings alive from the earth who has been blessed by the gods with some more powers. Although he has more power, he does not fit for the quarters combat because he is only a regular human from the earth and will also face bad hand-to-hand battles.

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced speed and reflexes – his speed and reflex are his main strength and also differ from normal human beings, these abilities are given by the god and also have quick reflexes to dodge an attack.
  • Enhanced Stealth – he has the power to move from one place to another quickly and can catch enemies quickly.

Supernatural Abilities

  • Energy Projection – he has the power of the light which is given by the god and uses it as a rob and throws them to enemies as energy balls.

Fighting Abilities

  • Mid to Long Range Combat – he is good at mid range as well as long range but lacks at close range.
  • Extreme Carpet Bombing – he has the abilities to constantly fire rob of energy balls all over the place constantly because he has the power of light which is given by the good so to kill the Zombie man he constantly fire Robs all over the place to make Zombie man to surrender.
  • Straight Carpet Bombing –  he also have the ability to fire a sphere of energy to kill all the people around the place and if someone touches the sphere the place along with person will vaporize which he was going to do with the king because the king was going to speak the truth about him that homeless is only a human being which is his weakness so to stop him he created a sphere to kill king but in that place god appear and took away all his power and lead to left him to death.

Major Battles

  • Homeless Emperor Vs Zombie-man
  • Monster Association Executive Vs Heroes

Original Webcomics

  • Homeless Emperor Vs Zombie-Man
  • “Homeless Emperor along with  Black Sperm, Psykos and Gums, Evil Natural Water, Fuhrer Ugly vs Tatsumaki”
  • “Genos vs. Homeless Emperor, Gums, Evil Natural Water, Fuhrer Ugly, Black Sperm, Psykos”
  • “Bang vs. Homeless Emperor, Gums, Fuhrer Ugly, Black Sperm, Psykos”
  • “King vs. Homeless Emperor along with Evil Natural Water and Black Sperm, Psykos”
  • Homeless Emperor vs. Zombieman

Trivia Challenges Of Homeless Emperor

  1. Who gave Homeless power ?

Ans: God.

  1. Who is the first monster he meets ?

Ans: Black Sperm.

  1. Whom Homeless want to kill ?

Ans: he wants to kill the king.


  • S-Class
  • A-Class
  • B-Class
  • C-Class
  • Ex-Villain
  • “Leader”
  • “Executive”
  • “Dragon”
  • “Demon”
  • “Tiger”
  • “Wolf”

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