He Who Remains

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He Who Remains


Nathaniel Richard was from the 31st century he was a scientist and also the first variant to come in contact with the multiverse and other versions of him in the multiverse. After seeing other realities Some of his variants tike kang was to capture and control other universes and thus lead to a war which ended up with a weaponized Alitho. At last he remained in his timeline and ruled it to preserve the sacred timeline and protect it from the counterpart. Eventually at the end of the citadel time of eon he met Loki and was later killed by him.


Multiversal War

During the time of Richard’s settlement on earth he gets to know about the multiverse and from that he gets to know about the alternate timeline and other of him. Then he meets a scientist from the 31st century and they share their knowledge about the multiverse. Also some of his variants like Kang get to know about the Multiverse and start a multiverse war to capture and rule it. To stop the war Richard finds Alitho and uses his harness to stop the war and also collects some safe realities which came into the same timeline later kept under the sacred timeline. To save his reality he created a government and a time variant authority to save his surviving variant also created a Miss minute to assist him.

He saw an asteroid and the time end and created a castle near the asteroid to protect the citadel of time and also to protect the sacred timeline. One day Loki and Skylive came to his timeline to which Richard invited him to talk. Loki informed him that he is that last man who remains but Miss minute was also claiming that to which he said he likes the name.

Richard wanted to speak with Loki and Skylive in the elevator but instead of talking Skylive was eager to take revenge by killing her several times. Instead Richard saved her from Sky Live and reported her along with himself in their office.

Then Reichard invited Loki and Skylive to his office, let them sit down on the chair and provided them with drinks. Richard told them that he knows everything that is going to happen as he could see the script of the future and also told the history of his variants how the war has happened and universe warfare about Alitoh and told that why the timeline variance authority is created and also told that not all his variants are like him as some are like evil form of him.

He told Loki that it was his plan to bring them over here as he thinks that they are the best replacement for him. It was Richard who let them go to the Lametis and also to the void in order to see if they are capable of taking his place. As Richard is getting old and tired to guard over here and now wants some peace. He gave them the charge of the TVA and also the timeline. Richard gave them two chances, one to kill him and let the timeline expand into the multiverse to make their variants weak and last option was to Disciples the leader and ultimately get the control of the TVA but according to Skylive he thinks that Richard was lying to him.

As the thunder crackled above their head Richard knew what was going to happen in the future and the future timeline going toward Loki and Skylive. Richard also knows that now he no longer has the power of knowing the future. He thought that he would be honest about what will be going to happen with them whatever choice they made so he wanted to offer them the TemPad to use.

Both Loki and Sylvie started fighting each other as Loki was trying to stop Slyvie for taking the wrong option. Richard saw Sylvie kiss Loki and during that time Sylvie uses a TemPad to throw out Loki from the place using a timedoor. To which Richard was impressed with his presence of mind and instantly she threw his table and stabbed Richard on his chest. Before he was dying Richred smiled and told him that he would meet him again and before leaving his life with a smile his evil variant took over him and it was inevitable. Thus after Richard’s death the timeline expands massively and thus the multiverse gets fractured.


So to prevent the consequences Loki quickly went into the TVa and tried to warn all the variants of what was coming. But it was late as Kang already took over everyone. Kang council is now able to control all the other remains. Loki and Mobius went to look for the other variant’s victory in the future timeline. Loki told Mobius and the people of the time will remain under danger instead of knowing the harsh reality but at first Mobius does not believe him.


Richard was a playful and unhinged personality and also a carefree being as he is the only one to survive from his variant after the multiverse war which led to the destruction of his variant. Kang was one of his variants who saw the other timeline and tried to capture and thus led to warfare. So to stop the war he uses his harness to kill everyone and according to him this decision was the honest and the most moral decision that he took for the universe and kept the timeline in  a sacred box and kept it guarded by miss minus. Despite having greater power in him he always stayed humble and was not arrogant to show his power.

Power And Abilities


  • Nigh-Immortality – he was the one who remained among his variants and also immortal living for around 10 millions years as he resided his life during the end of the time. He could have lived for entire life unless he was killed by Slyvie.
  • NIgh-Omniscience – he has the power to see the future as he controlled the sacred timeline he got the power to see the future and all the consequences that are going to happen in the future. When Loki arrived along with Slyvie he already knew about the future and what was going to happen to him. All the conversation was already printed inside the timeline script and also knows that Sylvie will kill him which he already has anticipated in the future from the timeline script.


  • Genius Level Intellect – he has the power of the intellect to control the sacred timeline which is under the authority of TVA. TVA is a large organization which is controlling the Scared timeline and also assisted by miss minus who was created by richard itself. He controlled this sacred timeline for more than 10 decades and only failed to succeed at the end of the time as he allowed them to kill him as he was already tired and felt like getting older and now wanted some peace.
  • Master Of Tactician – As he was the most powerful person among his variants he can control the timeline to save other multiverses from the hand of Kang the conqueror. Using his abilities he has controlled the harness and used it to store the sacred timeline inside the TVA using all his tactics. When Loki and Slyvie came to him it was his plan to bring them to him and also send them to void as he wanted to check whether they are capable of controlling the sacred timeline after Richard died.
  • Master of Scientist –  he was the master of science and technology as we could see it. He created his missed minutes using his technologies to assist him in the TVA.
  • Master Engineer – he was the master of engineering as he successfully completed time travel and he was the first person to know about the multiverse and also meet him from another timeline thus it shows that he is great as an engineer and also created the advanced technology which TVA uses to control the timeline.


Multifunctional Tool – he has a tool which have multiple functions to control the TVA. he use the tool to create substances in different shapes like making himself from that which he used to give the introduction of himself like what happened during multiverse was and also what he have done to stop the war and also to save other universe. He also created a time traveler which is also a time traveler and also created a time door which is also like a time travel machine.


Citadel at the time ends – he was the one who survived among his variant and thus settled inside the citadel which he made a replica inside of the asteroid during the end of the time.



  • Alioth who is the subordinate
  • Time Variance Authority under which come
  • Time Keeper
  • Miss Minutes
  • Ravonna Renslayer


  • Loki
  • Sylvie
  • Kang


  • Loki
  • Season One
  • Journey Into Mystery
  • For All Time. Always.
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quintumnia
  • In an indefinite temporality:
  • Loki
  • Season One
  • The Nexus Event
  • Journey Into Mystery
  • For All Time. Always.

Trivia Challenge of He Who Remains

  1. Name the first person to reach the multiverse ?

Ans: the first person to reach the multiverse is Richard

  1. What is the name of his assistant ?

Ans: His assistant name is Miss Minutes.

  1. To whom does Richard want to give control over the sacred Timeline ?

Ans: he wants to give the control to Loki.

Behind The Scene

The marvel character was played by Kate Herron which was from the comics he Who Remains but it is not an alternate version of Kang. The Sylvie character was also inspired from the comic characters. After inspiration from the comics immortus has debuted in the MCU with the movie Ant-man and The Wasp : Quintumnia. Michale Waldron he will be the remaining of the for the endgame of the Loki : End Game season One and want to merge some ideas with the immortal suits, David Charles Warren has stunted Jonathon Major for the role he played as He Who Remains. According to the writer he came from a different time period and has been merged in the period of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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