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Stranger Thing is created by Duffer Brothers which was first released as an netflix original series and its first episode was released on 15th july 2016. The whole plot takes place in a fictional town named Hawkins, Indiana in the late 1980’s. The first season is set in the year 1083 where a few sets of characters are finding together their friend named Will who disappears from the town from nowhere. The follow up


seasons of this series like season Two and Season Three opened a large scope of this event along with exploring the different unknown creators present in the parallel universe named demogorgon. The fourth season further opens up with a larger scope of events and takes place outside of the town for the first time in this series. The fifth season of this series is under production and is going to be the conclusion of the series. The Duffer brother is also famous for developing at least one spinoff series.


The whole movie is based on a fictional town named Hawik where five friends are playing a game in one of his friends’ houses. Playing for a long time they did not look for the time and went late. A friend among them named Will was returning to his home but suddenly distracted by a sound came from the forest and ran towards it. Next morning his mother was finding her but Will disappeared like a vapor. All of his friends were worried and started finding him. After a long search they found that his friend is stuck inside an upside down world which is the same as the parallel universe which is full of monsters named as Demogorgon. Season one consist of finding their friend will and in season two it has been shown that although will has been reduced from the Upside down world but still a monster named as mind flayer started controlling his mind and tried to enter the human world along with his army.


Stranger Things One

Season One consists of eight episodes with a length of around forty to fifty minutes. The creature of the movie named as Demogorgon was inspired from the blockbuster movie from the time of 80’s. The character of Steven and John was also taken from that movie. It was based on the time when a young boy named Will Vanished while returning back to his home. He was returning back home from his friend after playing and disappeared. Later they get to know that he accidentally went into the upside wall. Later we can see that together with the help of eleven have recused Will from the other world. In the last episode Nancy had gotten back with Steve and they both became friends with Jonathon as well. The four friends were playing D&D in Bill’s house and keeping Elven away from his family by hiding him under the bed. Hopper left his home for his duties and Will coughed up a Slug from his stomach into the flash which connected it with the upside world but Will did not reveal the whole event to his family as he thought it could have worried his mother.

Cast And Characters Of Stranger Things Season One

Main Cast

  • Winona Ryder played the role of Joyce Byers
  • David Harbour played the role of Police Chief Jim Hopper
  • Natalia Dyer played the role of Nancy Wheeler
  • Cara Buono played the role of Karen Wheeler
  • Matthew Modine played the role of Dr. Martin Brenner

Recurring Characters

  • Joe Keery played the role of Steve Harrington
  • Rob Morgan played the role of Officer Powell
  • John Paul Reynolds played the role of Officer Callahan
  • Joe Chrest played the role of Ted Wheeler
  • Anniston and Tinsley Price played the role of Holly Wheeler
  • Noah Schnapp played the role of Will Byers
  • Mark Steger played the role of The Demogorgon
  • Randy Havens played the role of Scott Clarke
  • Catherine Dyer played the role of Connie Frazier
  • Peyton Wich played the role of Troy Walsh
  • Cade Jones played the role of James Dante
  • Ross Partridge played the role of Lonnie Byers
  • Chester Rushing played the role of Tommy H.
  • Chelsea Talmadge played the role of Carol
  • Shannon Purser played the role of Barbara Holland
  • Chris Sullivan played the role of Benny Hammond
  • Charles Lawlor played the role of Donald Melvald


  1. The Vanishing of Will Byers – while returning home after playing games with his friend Will found a terrifying secret inside the government Lab.
  1. The weirdo on maple street – Lucas, Mike and Dustin found a girl from the jungle and tried to talk with her. Hopper gets an emergency call about the missing news of Will.
  1. Holly Jolly – Nancy Bill’s sister is very much concerned about her friend Barb. She wants to know what Jonathan is up to and Joyce wants to convince everyone that Will wants to communicate with her.
  1. The Body – after refusing that Will is dead her mother Joyce tries to communicate with Will. Four have a task to eleven and Nancy forms a personal alliance to find her friend Barb.
  1. The Flea and the Acrobat – Hopper and Joyece break into the government lab and they think the source is from there itself. Boys went to Mr Clarke to know how to get to the other dimension. Nancy along with Jonathon went for the search on Will and Barb,
  1. The Monster – Nancy and Jonathon went to the dark world and on the other hand Steve is also looking for her. Hopper has found out the truth about an experiment in a government lab.
  1. The Bathtub – Eleven struggles to reach out to will while Lucas informs others that the bad men are coming toward them. Nancy and Jonathan showed what they found on the camera.
  1. The Upside Down – Dr Berner holds Hopper and Joyce for QNA and the boys are waiting for eleven in the gym. After returning Nancy and Will along with Jonathan prepare for the battle. 

Stranger Things Two

Year after Wills returns he again feels awkward as it feels like something is calling him from the dark world. He saw a flier who wanted to enter the human to capture it. The whole hawkins was threatened by the mind flayer. Everyone thinks that eleven went to the dark world after the last fight. But she was hidden under the bed of Bill Wheeler. They get to know that the doctor is again doing something in the lab so Hopper again went inside and saw that the doctor is trying to open the entrance of the dark world.

Cast And Characters Of Season Two

  • Winona Ryder played the role of Joyce Byers
  • David Harbour played the role of Police Chief Jim Hopper
  • Natalia Dyer played the role of Nancy Wheeler
  • Cara Buono played the role of Karen Wheeler
  • Matthew Modine played the role of Dr. Martin Brenner


  1. MADMAX – Hawking was preparing for the halloween a new girl entered in the class who is the new student of the class named as MAD MAX. She is a high scale scorer of the arcade by beating Dustin.
  1. Trick or Treat , Freak – after seeing terrible things on the night of trick treak and freak he wonders if Eleven is still alive and nancy is feeling sad thinking Barb.
  1. The Pollywog – Dustin got a strange new pet and Hopper was taking care of Eleven who was getting too impatient.
  1. Will the Wise – will open up to Joice about her condition and what he is feeling now. Also eleven is an unbelievable discovery on the earth.
  1. Dig Dug – nancy and Jonathon went for the search of the conspiracy theory and on the other side Eleven went to search someone from his past.
  1. The Spy –  Will was seeing the mind flayer which is getting stronger day by day and no one knows how to stop it. Dustin and Steve form a team to fight against the enemies.
  1. The mind flayer – a hero stands out among them when the whole government lab went into lockdown taking others inside the lab.
  1. The Gate – Eleven arrives and decides to finish what she had started earlier she started to hold up the heat to the monsters while she does her work.

Stranger Things Season Three

 He was in Hawkins working in ice cream and his girlfriend was Bill’s sister. The night when both of them were at a party Will somehow disappear from nowhere so his friend went in search of Will. Later they get to know about the parallel universe.Steve gets to know about the Russian Plan which they are executing under the mall but soon he gets caught and captured by the Russian guard. Somehow he managed to escape from the basement and board in a car which was stolen by Eric and Dustin. After sitting in the car Steve complains about why he is riding the car so fast. Since Steve was high Dustin Laugh as he was not driving so fast a result of laughing he bang the car into a barrel. Steve’s head banged against the car. They came out of the car and Dustin took out a card to open the elevator. The place from which Demogron appears and will somehow get stuck in there. His friend took help of Steve to rescue Will. At the end of the season they manage to rescue Will but now he is stuck with a demongron inside which always haunts him. In 1986 Steve was still working in a family video along with robin and later they found all the truth of max that where he came from. He learned about the murder at the forest hill trailer park. To find the truth Steve Max and Dustin went to Rick’s house who is a drug dealer and got to know about the dark wizard named Veccena. 

While they were working in the ice cream shop, Robin arrived at Steve and Dustin with a Mysterious radio signal transmitted by the Russians head. Robin helped Dustin and Steve to translate the signal. They discovered Russians are working on  a secret mission under the Hawkins Mall. Steve found that the Russians are again trying to open  the portal upside down. As Joe Keer doubts, it might be the mind flayer who is controlling the russians and controlling their mind to open the portal so that demogron can come out. Three months later Robin and Steve applied for a new job and started working in his Family video.

Cast And Character Of Season Three

  • Winona Ryder played the role of Joyce Byers
  • David Harbour played the role of Police Chief Jim Hopper
  • Natalia Dyer played the role of Nancy Wheeler
  • Cara Buono played the role of Karen Wheeler
  • Matthew Modine played the role of Dr. Martin Brenner


  1. Suzie Do you copy – in the summer evry one got a new job but everyone’s mode changed when a russian broadcast came to dustin’s radio.
  1. The Mall Rats – Nancy and Jonathan found a lead which they followed and on the other side Max and Eleen went shopping.
  1. The case of the missing lifeguard – Max and eleven are looking for Billy who was missing for a long time and Joyce and Hopper went to the Russian Lab.
  1. The Sauna test – the gang came together to fight with the Russians and to stop them from breaking the wall that was earlier closed by eleven.
  1. The Flayed – Strange surprise was waiting for them in the basement where they found a crater which was previously kept by Dustin as a pet.
  1. The bite – as the time was running out the mind flayer was behind them so hopper raced back to hawkin to warn the citizens.
  1. The battle of starcourt – terror was spreaded throughout the food court of the mall as the mind flayer came to collect but down in the dark world the future is at stake.

Stranger Things Four

In the year 1986 Dustin and Mike were sitting down in california street Eddie saw and along with his D&D club members in the Hellfire and Eddie saw great potential in the boys and told them to become the members of the Hellfire club and both of them accepted the offer. Season four is completely based on Eddie and he played the main role in season four. One night he was walking on the street where he saw a brutal murder of a citizen by an unknown gang. He ran away from the place but many citizens of Hawkins blame him for the murder.


  1. The Hellfire Club – Eleven getting bullied in her high school and shakes up at the D&D night
  1. Vecna’s curse – suddenly a plane arrives to which mike came and a dead body brings along with him to hawkins.
  1. The monster and superhero – Joyce along with mury arrive in alaska to face a serious consequence.
  1. Dear Billy – after the death of Billy Max went to give flowers to his cemetery and felt sad.
  1. The Drive – after the iron curtain they went to the rescue mission in california
  1. The piggy back – heart of selfless and Clash of metals heroes fight fight for the citizens.



  • Hawkins
  • Earth
  • California
  • Alaska
  • New York


  • Guns
  • Weapons
  • Mobile phone
  • Knief


  • Jeep
  • Car
  • Military Tank
  • cycle


  • Mindflayer
  • Demogorgon
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • wolf


Members of production

  •  Elodie Grace Orkin
  •  Logan Allen 
  • Ira Amyx
  •  Paris Benjamin
  •  Trey Best
  •  Livi Birch
  •  Martie Blair
  •  Kendrick Cross
  •  Logan Riley Bruner
  •  Regina Ting Chen
  •  Grace Van Dien
  •  Morgan Gao
  •  Christian Ganiere
  •  Grant Goodman
  •  Clayton Royal Johnson
  •  Kevin L. Johnson
  •  Pasha Lychnikoff
  •  Vaidotas Martinaitis
  •  Jessica Arden Napier
  •  Sparrow Nicole
  •  Nikolai Nikolaeff
  •  Hunter Romanillos
  •  Tyner Rushing

Ratings , Review and where to watch

Imdb has rated 8.7/10 and rotten tomatoes has a 92% review of the series is very good and you can watch the series only on Netflix.

Trivia Challenge of Stranger Things

  • What is the name of MAD MAX brother ?

Ans: Bill.

  • What is the name of Nancy’s friend ?

Ans: Barb.

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