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Suzie Bingham is a side character of the Stranger Things franchise who lives in Utah. In stranger things she is Dustin Hendorson’s girlfriend. Suzie Bingham role played by Gabriella Pizzolo. She first appeared in season three and in season four.


Suzie’s major role was in season 3. Previously her name was mentioned by Dustin many times as he was unsuccessful to convince her friends that she is his girlfriend. All his friends helped Dustin to make contact with Dustin by taking him to the hillside outside the town to make communication using the radar but unfortunately Suzie did not respond and all his friends left thinking that Suzie does not even exist.

However in the last episode Dustin successfully contacted Suzie using her radar. Suzie was happy to talk to him. After a while Dustin asked her what is planck constant but suzie at first refused as he did not to her for a long time and for an apology she asked him to sing a song. After Suzie got satisfied she gave the answer of the planck constant and finally Joyce and Hopper unlocked the door to take the key away.

Early Life

Suzie was born in salt lake city and a child of unknown parents and was raised by strict parents and also kept devoted to her faith. During her lonely time she gathered knowledge on science technology and reading fantasy movies. In 1985 Suzie attended a camp named as camp know where and where she gathered knowledge about science and technology and that is the place where Suzie first met Dustin.

She again met with Dustin in a bus where Dustin saved her from two boys who bullied her. Gradually she started getting attracted to him and became good friends. After Dustin returned to Hawkin Suzie never met again with him for a long time.


After almost a month Dustin again tried to contact her to know the planck constant but this time she refused to talk to him as he does not talk to her for so long and as an apology she asked him to sing a song. She also told him that she wants to become a scientist when she grows up because she has great interest in science. 


● Stranger Things Season Three

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He was in Hawkins working in ice cream and his girlfriend was Bill’s sister. The night when both of them were at a party Will somehow disappear from nowhere so his friend went in search of Will. Later they get to know about the parallel universe. Steve gets to know about the Russian Plan which they are executing under the mall but soon he gets caught and captured by the Russian guard. Somehow he managed to escape from the basement and board in a car which was stolen by Eric and Dustin. After sitting in the car Steve complains about why he is riding the car so fast. Since Steve was high Dustin Laugh as he was not driving so fast a result of laughing he bang the car into a barrel. Steve’s head banged against the car. They came out of the car and Dustin took out a card to open the elevator. The place from which Demogron appears and will somehow get stuck in there. His friend took help of Steve to rescue Will. At the end of the season they manage to rescue Will but now he is stuck with a demongron inside which always haunts him. In 1986 Steve was still working in a family video along with robin and later they found all the truth of max that where he came from. He learned about the murder at the forest hill trailer park. To find the truth Steve Max and Dustin went to Rick’s house who is a drug dealer and got to know about the dark wizard named Veccena. 

While they were working in the ice cream shop, Robin arrived at Steve and Dustin with a Mysterious radio signal transmitted by the Russians head. Robin helped Dustin and Steve to translate the signal. They discovered Russians are working on  a secret mission under the Hawkins Mall. Steve found that the Russians are again trying to open  the portal upside down. As Joe Keer doubts, it might be the mind flayer who is controlling the russians and controlling their mind to open the portal so that demogron can come out. Three months later Robin and Steve applied for a new job and started working in his Family video.

● Stranger Things Season Four

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In the year 1986 Dustin and Mike were sitting down in california street Eddie saw and along with his D&D club members in the Hellfire and Eddie saw great potential in the boys and told them to become the members of the Hellfire club and both of them accepted the offer. Season four is completely based on Eddie and he played the main role in season four. One night he was walking on the street where he saw a brutal murder of a citizen by an unknown gang. He ran away from the place but many citizens of Hawkins blame him for the murder.

Video Games

  • Stranger Things : The Game
  • Stranger Things 2 : The Game
  • Strange Things : Puzzle Tale
  • Dead By Daylight
  • Stranger Things Three : VR experience

Memorable quotes

  • “ This is Suzie , Do you copy “
  • “ planck Constant is 6.62607004 “
  • “Jonathan : what’s about the internet “
  • “Suzie : do not worry it will change the world “

Trivia of Suzie Bingham

  • She and her family is from Mormon
  • Suzie first met with Dustin a science camp
  • She told the value of Planck Constant to dustin
  • Dustina and Suzie has a common song which is their favorite
  • For promotion of season three Suzie went as a spokesperson.


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