Beetlejuice 2

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Beetlejuice 2


Beetlejuice 2 is a live comedy action movie which is based on the horror genre which will be releasing in march of  2023 which is directed by Tim Burton. The film is produced by 20th Century Studios and directed by Eric Lavery. The movie is the sequel of the part one which was released in the year 1988 and in that movie Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder was featured along with the introduction of Johnny Dep.


Finally after waiting out in the netherworld waiting room and coming out after waiting since 1988. The sinister beetle juice has now came back to earth  as he was recalled by the children of Lydia deetz , markus played by johnny depp, Barbara Loughty played by bonham carter along with loose of the beetlejuice in the road of los angeles which is in california the place where Lydia’s husband use to work over there and now the family again have to come together to defeat the ghost once again. It was revealed by Burton that he wanted to make the movie more off the ground but he was waiting for a perfect story to be introduced in it such that the sequel of the movie would get a hit. Dark shadow and black eye helped the people to stand out of the box and created the story so that it would click to the viewers in a different way. Almost after investing so many years in the plot of the movie, Michael Keaton finally created the movie beetlejuice 2 after the end of its prequel which was created in the year 1988. The movie is based on a sweet couple who moved to the beautiful house in the hills only to die in a car accident in the hills. After their death they are stuck in the aftermath and the real world struggling to return and traversing between the mortal and the after life.

When a new couple shifted to the same house they felt the presence of the dark couple which were dead in the car accident. They were edgy enough to find the presence of some dark power thus resulting in the conflict between the living and the dead and also the mischievous thing occurring in the house. As many fans of beetlejuice were wondering whether johnny depp will return as the star cast in this movie or not so according to the news burton has cleared that johnny depp is returning in the movie as the star cast because in the first part of Beetlejuice johnny dep died while fighting with beetlejuice but no worries he is return in this pat with more thill , comedy and adventure.

According to the movie no one knows whether Geena Davis will return in the movie Beetlejuice 2. This part will be the center of attraction  of the movie in the house and the sequel will be working at Brad Pitt Plan B company. Bruton developed the movie in such a way that he kept his finger crossed to get it to the reality where people will be seeing in beetlejuice 2.

As most of the people love halloween movies and beetlejuice was one of the most favorite movies of all time so the production wants to bring the second part of the movie. As of now what we know is that Johnny Dep will be returning as the star cast in the movie BeetleJuice 2. As far as the release date we do not know the exact date as the production is under early stage and according to the news the production will start from the end of June and might get released in the march of 2023.


  • Micheal Keaton played the role of Beetlejuice which is the main character of the movie
  • Winona Ryder played the role of Lydia Deetz-Loughty which in the second part has an important role to play.
  • Johnny Depp played the role of Markus Loughty which will again return in the BeetleJuice 2 movie as it was the demand of the viewers.
  • Helena Bonham Carter played the role of Barbara Loughty which is another new character in the movie.
  • Robert Downey Jr. played the role of  Alex Loughty

Sound Track

  • “Main Titles”
  • “The Waiting Room”
  • “L.A.”
  • “Barbara’s Seance”
  • “He’s Back”
  • “It’s Been Too Long”
  • “Time for Some Fun”
  • “You Little Brat”
  • “Closing”

Trivia Of Beetlejuice 2

  • After the opening movie of Beetlejuice movie the fans have had a huge demand of the second part of the movie since 1988 and now finally the wait is over for the fans beetlejuice 2 is finally coming to the theaters in 2025 according to the reports.
  • In the house of Lydia’s parents, the Maitland picture can be seen hanging on the walls in the movie teaser.
  • From the beetlejuice music at one point it can be heard the humming of the movie “ Say My Name “ which shows the return of Johnny Dep in the movie beetlejuice 2.


  • PG-13
  • Warner Bros Pictures
  • Film directed by Tim burton
  • Sequel to Beetlejuice.
  • Horror Comedy
  • March 2023 release

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