Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

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Black Panther : Wakanda Forever


Black Panther : Wakanda Forever is a movie based on the Comic books character Black Panther which was released on 11th November 2022. The story is continued from the movie Black Panther where we might get back a new Black Panther as T’challa died during the fight with Thanos in the movie Avengers : End Game. It is from the sequel of the movie Black Panther followed by the movie Avengers : End Game. This is the thirtieth movie of Marvel Cinematic Universe and also the Seventeenth movie of Phase four.

The movie is directed by Ryan Coogler and star casts includes Letitia wright as Black Panther, Nakia role played by Nakia , Okoye role played by Danai Gurira, M’Baku role played by Winston Duke , General Ayo role played by Florence Kasumba , Riri Or Iron Heart role played by Dominique Theran, Aneka role played by Michael Coel, villain Namor role played by Tenoch Huerta along with Agent Everette Ross played by Martin Freeman and Queen Mother Romanda played by Angela Bassett.


Black Panther along with the queen Ramonda, Shuri, and Dora Milaje fight together to protect their nation after the death of the king T’challa. The Queen suspects that the American Government might try to attack Wakanda as they have made a new machine which will help to find Vibranium but latest it has been seen that a new mutant came out from the water. These mutant settlements are under water as they have been transformed after drinking  a plant extraction. They can only breathe oxygen from water and the king of that Mutant has a pair of wings in his legs from the time of birth. The people of Wakanda and these new mutants fight against each other due to the conflict in words. As black Panther is dead and there is no one else to save Wakanda from enemies, T’Challa’s young sister becomes the new Black Panther and saves Wakanada from the Mutants.

Plot Of Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

According to the plot the story was held during the year 1571 when a tribe in Yucatan suffered a huge break of small pox all over the community. During that time Shaman found a plant and used the extraction from the plant and drank it. All the people turned into blue and made them incapable of breathing oxygen from the air which led them to quickly go into the ocean in order to take oxygen and created their civilization underwater. A woman named Talokan also drank the juice of the plant while she was pregnant and gave birth to a child who was named as Kukulkan. The boy grew up and became the leader of Talokan. When her mother died she was told to bury her in the land from where she originated. Thus he came to the land along with some guard where he saw some Maya people were enslaved by the Spanish. He buried his mother and killed all the spanish. During the attack one priest among them called him by the name of a child with no love. From there he kept his name Namor which means he has no love for the surface world. Namor was born with a pair of wings in her legs which helped him to fly. He can breathe from water as well as from air using his skin unlike others who can only breathe oxygen from water.

Now in 2024 Shuri was working in her lab giving her full effort to create an artificial heart shaped heart which will help her to save his brother and the Wakanda King because T’challa is dying due to an illness which is unidentified. By that time Ramonda came into the lab and announced the news of T’challa’s death. Later after one year Wakanda is facing problems from other nations who are forcing them for their vibranium. Later some French operatives were caught by Dora Milaje who were trying to steal Vibranium from the outpost which is in Mali. Thus Ramonda had a meeting with the United nations and found that it was done by their nations so she reminded the United Nation that although they have lost Black Panther but still they know how to fight back.

Later on the same day in an American outpost American went for the vibranium detection in the bottom of the ocean. They used a Machine which was created by a MIT student who is also from wakanda. During the operation they were attacked by Talokanils who were stopping them from stealing the Vibranium and the last remaining helicopter which was able to fly was destroyed by Namor. Ramonda and Shuri went to the river side outside the city to remember one year pass of T’challa and burn her funeral dress to end the dead phase but suddenly Namor appeared to them passing through the wakanda border without even noticing the security. He told them about the presence of the Talokan tribe and also told them that the presence of vibranium in Wakanda is not the only place where vibranium can be found. Nomar asks for the help of Wakanda in order to stop other nations from stealing the vibranium. In reply Romada told him to get away to which he said that he will be finding the Scientist who has made the machine and kill him but Wakanda people cannot interfere in it.

To find the scientist Shuri and Okoye meet Everette Ross to get information about the scientist who made the machine to which they found out that the machine was a school project which was appreciated by the Government. Somehow they manage to find the Scientist and get to know that the scientist was a girl who is now working on an Iron Man type armor when they were followed by the FBI. Shuri in a motorbike, Okoye with a car and the scientist with her armor manage to leave behind the FBIs but they are stopped by Namor and after a small fight Okoye was defeated and Shuri and Willians were captured.

 On the next day Ross went to the crime scene with his wife where Kimoyo beads him to hide it. On the other side in Wakanda Okoye was fired from the position for not being able to save Shuri and the scientist from Namor. Meanwhile Namor kept both of them in Talokan and Namor showed their civilization to Shuri and tried to convince her to help them and also the bracelet of his mother to gain sympathy but still Shuri did not agree to kill William. On the other side Ramoda went to Haiti where Nakia is living. She left Wakanda six years back. Ramoda asks for her to find both of them so Nikia works as a spy and finds out the location where they both were kept. Thus she breaks out the security outpost to take both of them and in the process she has killed two Talokans guards. 

Although they returned to Wakanda with a fear that Namor and his people might invade Wakanda city which will lead to war among them. As Namor knows that Wakanda is a country with high Technology vehicles and war machines so before the attack he took care of the vehicles and flooded the whole Throne room along with Ramoda and Willam. Willam started drowning which Ramoda saw and saved her by giving her own life. Shuri was sad about her mother’s death when Manor told that Shuri is the Queen now and then Manor left the country along with his army. Meanwhile, the United Nation President got to know that Ross was still keeping a connection with Wakanda so arrested him.

After the death of Ramoda M’Baku gave judgment to Shuri of not killing Namor and alo Assure that he will be providing housing for all people who lose their house. Shuri uses Namor’s mother bracelet which is made of the herb and tries to create a new artificial heart-shaped herb to which she succeeds in creating it. After taking the herb she went to the Astral plane where she met with Erik Killmonger who told that they both are the same and with rage Shuri told that she will kill Namor. Shuri created a suit for herself and went on meeting with M’baku and with her elder as she is the new Black Panther.

As a plan for the war to defeat Namor they decided to heat up Namor’s body to reduce oxygen from his body. Shuri also created a new iron heart armor for William which acts like an Iron man named Midnight Angel. Okoye again took back to his position and took a vessel in the middle of the ocean in order to set them in a trap. However Namor was trapped inside the big talon by Black panther which consists of a heater and reduces oxygen from his body. Nakia along with Okoye and others are fighting with the Talokans in the middle of the ocean. Iron heart and the midnight angel are also fighting with the other Wakanda people.

Black Panther uses the heater inside the ship to heat up Namor to weaken him but Namor used his spear to break out the ship meanwhile Black Panther fires a from her Vibranium Gauntlet which led to destruction of the whole ship and led to go to an island. Both of them still fight on the island but Black Panther got more advantage as Namor was more interested in drinking water instead of fighting. Injured Black Panther yields as ‘Wakanda Forever’ and blasts the ship which leads Namor into a full blaze. Then she set Namor at his back and tried to kill but then she remembered about his brother T’challa and left Namore alive and let him go back to Talokan along with his army.

Namor showed gratitude to the Black Panther as she kept him alive and joined her at war place so that he could stop the war and told them they are in the same team and will help them whenever required. The scientist went back to MIT without the armor as it might be dangerous for the outside world, Nakia went back to Haiti. Namor was blamed by Namora for surrendering in front of Black Panther but Namor assured that their new alliance with the Wakanda will help them for a long term. Also Okoye stops Ross from going to the prison.

End Credit Explanation

According to the plot there are two end credit or post credit scene one is the situation where Shuri kept Namor alive and when Namor was accused by Namora about his surrender to the Wakanda people he has a plan that this alliance will help then in long term thus shows that Namor will again appear in other phase.

The last post credit scene of the movie shows that Shuri went to Haiti to meet Nakia before going to the beach. Shuri last time remembered about the T’challa where Nakia introduced to a little boy and told her that he is her and T’challa and Ramoda also met him before her death. The boy told his name as Toussaint and told that this is his Haitian name but his real name is T’challa. This might lead to the possibility of becoming the new Black Panther in future.

Reference To Other Movies And Connections

After watching the movie there will be connections to some movies of phase 5 and phase 6 like in the Avengers movies as we have already got the new Black Panther after the death of T’challa. And as we saw T’challa’s young boy there we might see a new movie of Black panther where he might be the new Black Panther.

Cast And Characters Of Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

  • Letitia Wright played the role of Black Panther
  • Lupita Nyong’o played the role of Nakia
  • Danai Gurira played the role of Okoye
  • Winston Duke played the role of M’Baku
  • Florence Kasumba played the role of General Ayo
  • Dominique Thorne played the role of Riri Ironheart
  • Michaela Coel played the role of Aneka
  • Tenoch Huerta played the role of Namor
  • Manuel Chavez played the role of Young Namor
  • Martin Freeman played the role of Agent Everett Ross
  • Angela Bassett played the role of Queen Mother Ramonda
  • Alex Livanalli played the role of Attuma
  • Mabel Cadena played the role of Namora
  • Danny Sapani played the role of M’Kathu
  • Connie Chiume played the role of Zawavari
  • Sope Aluko played the role of Soap
  • Zola Williams played the role of Yama
  • Janeshia Adams-Ginyard played the role of Nomble
  • Irma-Estel Laguerre played the role of Fen
  • María Mercedes Coroy played the role of Young Fen
  • Trevor Noah played the role of Griot (voice)
  • Lake Bell played the role of Doctor Graham
  • Robert John Burke played the role of Smitty
  • Judd Wild played the role of Jackson
  • Amber Harrington played the role of Rita Salazar
  • Michael Blake Kruse played the role of Henderson
  • Travis Love played the role of M’Bele
  • Divine Love Konadu-Sun played the role of T’Challa II
  • Anderson Cooper played the role of Himself
  • Richard Schiff played the role of U.S. State Secretary
  • Unknown Actor played the role of West
  • Michael B. Jordan played the role of N’Jadaka
  • Chadwick Boseman played the role of T’Challa


●      Locations

  • Earth
  • Mount Bashenga, Wakanda
  • Shuri’s Lab
  • Great Mound
  • Golden City, Wakanda
  • Citadel
  • Wakanda Medical Center
  • Bashenga’s Courtyard
  • Okoye’s Residence
  • Wakanda University
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • United Nations Geneva Office
  • Ansongo, Mali
  • Wakandan Outreach Center
  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Riri Williams’ Garage
  • George Bush Center for Intelligence
  • Cap-Haïtien, Haiti
  • Nakia’s House
  • Talokan
  • Talokan Capital City
  • Namor’s Cave
  • Curral Velho, Cape Verde
  • Aneka Residence, Wakanda
  • Jabari Land, Wakanda
  • Amanzi Kwakhona Umlambo, Wakanda
  • Warrior Falls
  • City of the Dead, Wakanda
  • “France”
  • “Belgium”
  • “Spain”
  • New Asgard, Norway
  • Tehran, Iran
  • Multiverse

●      Events

  • Ambush at the Wakandan Outreach Center
  • Attack on the Harvey Sub-Sea
  • Chase of Riri Williams
  • Talokanil-Wakandan War
  • Escape from Talokan
  • Attack on the Golden City
  • Ambush on the Talokanil
  • Arrest of Everett Ross
  • Spanish Conquest of Yucatán
  • Infinity War
  • Battle of Wakanda
  • Snap
  • Blip
  • Erik Killmonger’s Campaign
  • Battle of Mount Bashenga
  • Assassination of N’Jobu
  • Bombing of the Vienna International Centre

●      Items

  • Vibranium
  • Panther Habit
  • Kimoyo Beads
  • Vibranium Spear
  • Sonic Spear
  • Vibranium Gauntlets
  • Ring Blades
  • Talokanil Spear
  • Vibranium Daggers
  • Dora Milaje Armor
  • Midnight Angel Armor
  • Mark II Ironheart Armor
  • Sonic Rifle
  • Sastun
  • Mark I Ironheart Armor
  • Arc Reactor

●      Vehicles

  • Royal Talon Fighter
  • Dragon Flyer
  • Wakandan Maglev Train
  • Scarab Beetle
  • Sunbird
  • Sea Leopard
  • Harvey Sub-Sea
  • Lexus
  • Plymouth Barracuda

●      Sentient Species

  • Humans
  • Talokanil
  • Mutants
  • Ennead
  • Demons

●      Creatures

  • Fish
  • Whales
  • Orcas
  • Elephants
  • Glowworms
  • Jellyfish
  • Black Panthers
  • Hawks
  • Megalodons

●      Organization

  • Wakandan Tribes
  • Golden Tribe
  • Border Tribe
  • Jabari Tribe
  • River Tribe
  • Merchant Tribe
  • Mining Tribe
  • Dora Milaje
  • Wakandan Royal Guard
  • CIA
  • Tribal Council
  • Midnight Angels

●      Mentioned

  • Bast
  • T’Chaka
  • Bashenga
  • Lumumba
  • Scott Lang
  • Yaa
  • Iron Man
  • W’Kabi
  • Chaac
  • Ritson
  • Ronnie Williams
  • Hanuman


After the Phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe Kevin Feige officially published on 14th February 2014 that he wanted to create a direct sequel of the movie Black Panther whose script writing has already started after one year. In October 2022 they officially released the movie and named as Black Panther : Wakanda Forever.

Ratings , Review And Where To Watch Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

The movie released on 11th November 2022 and it was a blockbuster movie in theaters and got ratings of some of the famous sites like 6.9 in IMDB , 84% in rotten tomatoes , 67% in metacritic. Now the movie can be watched in Disney+ which is an OTT platform.

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Trivia Challenge Of Black Panther : Wakanda Forever

  1. Name the leader of Talokan ?

Ans: Namor.

  1. Who is the new Black Panther ?

Ans: Shuri.

  1. On which platform watch Black Panther : Wakanada Forever ?

Ans: Disney Hotstar.

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